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3M Industrial Design Solutions and Consultants

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About 3M Design Solutions

If you can imagine it, we can help you build it, fix it or make it better

Everyday you're faced with design challenges that can literally affect the success or failure of your products. How do you reduce weight or make your products more resistant to impacts and shocks? How do you keep up with the latest trends in design aesthetics or seamlessly integrate your all-important brand image? How do you make your products quieter, safer, or 'greener'? And of course, as always, how do you cut costs, streamline manufacturing and boost productivity - without affecting quality?

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Aligning Design, Technology and Innovation

  • Design to Manufacturing new product development: Meeting shared and internal goals of industrial designers and manufacturing engineers.
  • Adding multifunctional features is requiring new approaches to the design aesthetic
  • Lightweighting standard materials to more sustainable substrates is mandating new assembly methods
  • The increasing trend toward mobile, digital and nano products is making protection from impacts and shocks even more critical
  • Consumer demands for quieter products are lowering the acceptable thresholds for noise and vibrations
  • Rapid prototyping and other initiatives are creating pressure to move quickly with bold ideas
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    Innovation Collaboration

    3M Design Solution Specialists can help you find answers. Backed by 3M's 45 technology platforms, culture of innovation and more than 100-year history of solving industrial and manufacturing problems, 3M Design Solution Specialists have the training, industry experience and deep technological knowledge to help you design and build better, more competitive products.

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    Global Coverage

    With 3M's global presence in sales, technical support, manufacturing and converting, 3M Design Solution Specialists can work with you almost anywhere in the world to support your business and logistical production needs. Contact us now to find out how to get working, collaborating and innovating now.

    Assembly Solutions

    Let's Work Together

    Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice or want to collaborate with a 3M Technical Specialist.

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