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Wrapping Rollers to Provide Traction

3M Traction Tape
3M Traction Tape
Transaction Tape 5401  Design Challenge
Transaction Tape 5401  Design Challenge
Transaction Tape 5401  Design Challenge
Wrapping Rollers to provide traction while also providing a non-stick surface.
3M™ Traction Tape 5401 is often applied to rollers in printing, converting, and other web processing applications. The tape is applied by hand in various wrap patterns to give traction to the roller wile also providing a non-stick surface.

Key Application Requirements
Provide traction to material passing over the roller yet also give a non-stick surface for adhesives passing over the same surface as well. Tape is conformable and can be applied to rollers in spiral wrap or other formations. Product should remove cleanly after use with a minimal amount of clean up.

3M™ Traction Tape 5401 is used to cover drive rollers or rollers where tension is desired in the web. Traction Tape 5401 is applied by hand to the roller in various wrapping formations to achieve the desired result.
  • Versatile function: Backing provides a great traction surface while also providing non-stick properties.
  • Durable pliable structure: Fiberglass reinforcing provides a durable and conformable product for wrapping applications.
  • Strong adhesion: Silicone adhesive adheres well to most surfaces and removes cleanly.
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