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Truck Window Anti-Squeak Protection

Anti-Squeak Protect Window Noise Vibration Damping Application
Anti-Squeak Protect Window Noise Vibration Damping Application
Anti-squeak protection between the window clamp ring and the body of a conversion van and other commercial vehicle applications.
Tape prevents creaking sound from occurring when the exterior sheet metal flexes against the clamp ring during operation of the van.

Application Requirements
Conformable; helps prevent squeaks; prevents wear between adjacent parts; meets interior fog specifications.

Can also be used for Clamp ring protection in motor homes, buses and trailers.
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance: Passes Ford and GM Taber abrasion requirements.
  • Quiet: High energy absorption capacity helps prevent metal-to-metal squeaks during operation of the van.
  • Easy to apply: Pressure sensitive adhesive makes it easy to apply on the assembly line, helping to improve throughput.
  • Excellent adhesion: 3M acrylic adhesive provides a high-strength, long-term bond that remains in place during the life of the vehicle.
  • Conformable: Tape doesn’t have to be die-cut to fit irregular shapes of parts; convenient application on the assembly line.
  • Fogging: High fog number for automotive interior applications.
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