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Shielding Wire Harnesses Against Heat

Aluminum Foil Tape 3633 Wire Harness
Aluminum Foil Tape 3633 Wire Harness
Surface Protection Heat Shielding Wire Harness Profile
Protecting the sensitive wiring harnesses in ranges by shielding them from heat degradation and long-term heat exposure.
3M™ High Temperature Aluminum Foil Glass Cloth Tape 363 is high performance foil tape available in several roll widths to accommodate production needs.

Tape 363 may also be considered for applications on ovens, dryers and other appliances that may generate heat during their operation.
  • Resists high temperatures: The aluminum foil in tape 363 has good heat reflective properties, helping dissipate heat and protect wires in the wiring harness from heat generated by the range during use.
  • Helps decrease wear and tear on wiring harness: The heat-resistant backing of tape 363 and 363L helps protect the wiring harness from heat degradation and long-term heat exposure, allowing long-term use of the wiring.
  • Permanent bond: The pressure-sensitive adhesive permanently bonds to the wiring harness, providing long-term protection.
  • Easy to apply: Pressure-sensitive adhesive makes it easy to wrap around the wiring harness on the assembly line.
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