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Reducing Vibration of a Washing Machine

Reducing Noise Vibration Damping Application
Reducing Noise Vibration Damping Application
Damping Washing Machine Vibration Noise Control App Profile 1
Damping Washing Machine Vibration Noise Control App Profile 2
Reducing vibration on the pump bracket of a washing machine can be easy. Parts vibrating at their natural frequency give off what is called resonant vibration. This resonant vibration can be damped by using 3M™ Damping Foil Tape 2552.
It is difficult to determine if a substrate is vibrating at its natural frequency. The product must be tested to determine whether or not it will provide damping properties.

3M™ Damping Foil Tape 2552 can be provided in a variety of lengths and widths. It may also be easily cut into specific shapes for unique applications. A custom dispenser designed for manual or automatic operation is available. Specific length parts are applied to the bracket by hand during assembly.

Related Application Ideas
Damping Foil 2552 may also be considered for applications on refrigerators, freezers, dryers, air conditioners, vending machines, exercise equipment and a variety of small appliances.
  • Helps reduce vibration and noise: The unique thick 3M polymer used in 3M™ Damping Foil Tape 2552 absorbs the vibration from the part and converts it to negligible heat. This conversion helps reduce the overall noise created by the vibration.
  • Helps decrease wear and tear on parts: The aluminum foil constraining layer dissipates the heat created by the noise conversion and provides a conformable layer for application to the bracket. This helps decrease wear and tear on the bracket and pump.
  • Permanent bond: The damping polymer permanently bonds to the bracket. It has good resistance to moisture and many solvents.
  • Easy to apply: Pressure-sensitive adhesive makes it easy to apply to the appliance component on the assembly line.
  • Helps reduce assembly costs: 3M™ Damping Foil Tape 2552 may provide a cost effective solution over other methods, such as stiffeners.
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