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Quick Grab to Newsprint

3M(TM) Repulpable
3M(TM) Repulpable
3M™ Repulpable Nose Tab 9030 is a light-weight tissue coated on both sides with blue repulpable adhesive for quick grab to newsprint and are furnished on an easy-release extended paper liner.
For Best Results For optimum results, firm, even rub down pressure must be applied to the taped area to create the best possible adhesion between the tape and paper surface. A plastic squeegee or similar tool can help achieve the proper uniform pressure.
  • Practically eliminates the “human element” from flying paper operations. Unlike glue, there are no “drying times,” “correct mixtures,” “too soft,” “too wet,” etc. which can depend on operator performance or judgments.
  • Packing in small wrapped packages helps assure moisture content of unused Nose Tabs.
  • Water solubility and alkali dispersability are excellent and eliminate danger of contaminating the paper mill “broke” with non-repulpable materials. Poor quality paper and plugged Fourdrinier screens often can be caused by typical rubber-base splicing mediums.
  • Help prevent costly and wasteful downtime and at the same time, provide a more consistent flying paster pattern.
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