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Protecting Sinks Toilets Spas & Hot Tubs

IATD Construction Surface Protective Films Application Profile
IATD Construction Surface Protective Films Application Profile
Protect high-end spas, tubs, sinks, shower enclosures and countertops during shipping, assembly, storage and home or building construction.
Key Requirements
Depending on whether the spa is acrylic, gel-coated, clean high gloss or dusty dull, there are a variety of 3M Protective Tape products that can be tested and suggested for these applications. Please provide a substrate sample and call PolyMask technical service at 800-624-4772 for more information. You may also call technical service for recommendations on products that will work for countertops, sinks, and shower enclosures. Must remove cleanly.

Applications Process:
3M™ Protective Tape 3187 is applied manually prior to shipping. The manufacturer puts the 3M Protective Tape all the way across the top of the spa, tubs, countertops and shower enclosures. Everything is one unit – the sink or countertop is assembled with a built-in back splash. The tape protects the top of the sink base directly after it is buffed and before shipment. The contractor removes the tape after the units are installed
  • Adhesive Removes Cleanly: 3M™ Protective Tape 3187 has a high-tack adhesive that removes cleanly from the gel coat on a spa. The spa is exposed to scratches on the job site from ceramic and floor tile grout, paint and tools. The protective tape may be removed easily and cleanly in one piece. The backing is strong (3 mils) and provides good abrasion resistance against scratches.
  • Reduces Rework: The 3M Protective Tape helps prevent scratching on tubs, sinks, countertops and shower enclosures during production and assembly. It is also used on tools and carts that move the bathtubs.
  • Helps Reduces Costs: 3M Protective Tape helps prevent damage, enabling the manufacturer to incur reduced costs for spas, sinks and countertops that may be returned from the contractors.
  • 3M™ Protective Tape 31U26C/UV for clean high gloss surfaces where the tubs, shower enclosures, sinks are stored outdoors and exposed to UV rays for up to 5 months.
  • Advantages: Competitive tapes do not have UV protection from sunlight and may break apart into pieces, leaving adhesive residue on the tubs, shower enclosures and sinks. 3M Tape 31U26C/UV removes cleanly even when stored outdoors for up to 5 months.
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