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Protect From Paint Overspray

Quest Technologies Background Photo of Ambulance and Firetruck
Quest Technologies Background Photo of Ambulance and Firetruck
Scotch™ Gross Masking Film 7300 is used to protect the first color coat of a two-tone (or more) paint design from paint overspray while the ambulance module is being painted with the second color and dried at the assembly plant.
Many other two coat applications are possible.

Must withstand up to 310°F (155°C), protect against bleed-through of solvents and paints.

Scotch™ Gross Masking Film 7300 Series is dispensed with the 3M™ Apron Taper 06865 in widths up to 18 inches and 3M™ Apron Taper 06866 for widths up to 36 inches. The masking film is placed over the first paint color and secured with 3M™ Masking Tape prior to painting. The masking paper and tape are cleanly removed after the second paint color has been baked.

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  • Special polypropylene film: Helps prevent scratching of the clear coat, helping to minimize rework.
  • Excellent paint penetration resistance: Protects substrate.
  • Excellent paint flaking resistance: Scotch™ Gross Masking Film 7300 contributes toward a clean paint room, helping to reduce rejects.
  • Excellent conformability: Allows easy masking of odd shapes.
  • Easy dispensing: Scotch™ Masking Film 7300 is designed to be used with 3M™ Apron Tapers 06865 and 06866 that provide convenience and ease of dispensing helping to save time and money.
  • Easy cutting: Helps improve productivity.
  • No release agents: Helps minimize contamination, contributing toward a cleaner paint room. No ghosting helps reduce rejects.
  • Resists heat: Scotch™ Gross Masking Film 7300 performs well up to 310° F (155° C), withstanding the temperatures of the bake cycles.
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