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Outgas Venting in Appliances

Surface Protection Outgas Venting Appliance App Profile 3
Surface Protection Outgas Venting Appliance App Profile 3
Surface Protection Outgas Venting Appliance Application Profile
Surface Protection Outgas Venting Appliance App Profile 2
Venting of insulation foam gasses while keeping foam in place is a common manufacturing challenge in refrigerators and freezers and other appliance applications.
3M™ Venting Tapes 394, 3294 and 3394 are used to cover openings in the cabinet of refrigerators and freezers during the foam-in-place manufacturing process. These tapes allow air and gases to escape while keeping solids (such as urethane foam) in place. The air-permeable, non-woven backings of 3M™ Venting Tapes keep foam-in-place insulation inside door and appliance cavities, while helping eliminate voids. Related Products 3M™ Venting Tape 3294 is the most permeable venting tape, compared to 3M™ Venting Tapes 394 and 3394, which also have an air-permeable backing. Related Product Ideas Venting tape applications in freezers and vending machines that use the foam-in-place process. Key Application Requirements Tape must be easy to apply and allow foam to outgas during the foam-in-place process.
  • Improved porosity: 3M™ Venting Tapes offer good porosity for out gassing.
  • Unique construction: Non-woven backing conforms well, providing an effective seal. This unique backing has high air and gas permeability, allowing minimal foaming voids. The backing has good burst strength, which helps reduce clean-up.
  • Easy to apply: Pressure-sensitive adhesive is easy to apply on the assembly line.
  • Coated adhesive strip (Tape 3294): Uncoated areas of Tape 3294 have higher permeability, helping to minimize foaming voids.
  • Easy to use: Pressure-sensitive adhesive requires no additional holding means, helping to reduce labor costs.
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