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Masking Body Jig Barcode

Paint Masking Tape 231/231A  Design Challenge
Paint Masking Tape 231/231A  Design Challenge
Paint Masking Tape 231/231A  Design Challenge
Paint Masking Tape 231/231A  Design Challenge
Protect the barcode from paint overspray so that the body may be matched with the appropriate chassis and fascia during the assembly process.
Must withstand up to 300° F (148° C) up to 30 minutes, provide complete coverage and leave no adhesive residue upon removal.

Scotch™ Paint Masking Tape 231/231A is pulled off a roll and applied over the barcode label on the body jig to completely cover the label. The masking tape is cleanly removed after the painted body has been baked in the paint oven.

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Related Application Ideas
Masking barcode labels on body jigs for passenger cars, minivans and light trucks.
  • 3M™ adhesive: Sticks instantly and easily, allowing fast application and clean removal after bake cycle.
  • Controlled crepe paper backing: Smooth surface provides good surface contact and secure holding to the barcode label, while allowing easy removal.
  • Conformable: Easy handling allows quick application.
  • Excellent holding power: Resists lifting or curling, helping to protect the barcode.
  • Excellent high temperature performance: Scotch™ Paint Masking Tape 231/231A for temperatures up to 300° F (148° C) up to 30 minutes, firmly holding under heat strain during the oven bake cycle and allowing easy removal afterwards.
  • Easy to use: Easy tear provides good handling; dead stretch allows minimal recovery, making it easy to apply over the barcode label.
  • Special back size treatment: Provides controlled unwind, making the tape easy to use and helping to reduce waste.
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