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Improving Splice Consistency

3M™ Splicing System
3M™ Splicing System
3M™ Bridge Tapes are engineered specifically to optimize the 3M™ Splittable Flying Splice (SFS) Tapes by improving splice consistency and efficiency in Web Printing that uses belt-driven reel stands.
  • Three available widths will accommodate most splicing applications
  • Two patterns are available (slots and holes) to optimize belts
  • Quick, easy application
  • 3M designed bridges provide good balance between adhesion to paper and minimal belt sticking
  • Smooth splice transition with less chance for failure in subsequent processing steps
  • Perforated rolls (every 1.7 inch) allows for an easy match to belt widths
  • Bridge tapes are fully repulpable*
  • * Repulpability judged according to TAPPI UM-213, Procedure A.
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