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Flying Splicing at Off Machine Coater

Double Coated Tissue Tape 906  Design Challenge
Double Coated Tissue Tape 906  Design Challenge
Double Coated Tissue Tape 906  Design Challenge
Double Coated Tissue Tape 906  Design Challenge
Flying splices at the off machine coater. Extremely high tack and excellent shear strength makes this tape the ideal choice for consistent flying splices.
Apply 3M™ Double Coated Tissue Tape 906 across the trailing edge of the paper at the start of the roll. Remove the liner. Press the edge of the paper from the next roll on top of the 3M tape. Durable 3M Tape adheres immediately to the paper forming a flying splice that will hold.

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3M™ Double Coated Tissue Tape 907 (for thick caliper paper)
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Related Application
Flying Pasters – Typical Splicing Patterns
Slow Speed, Narrow Webs, 13 ft. [4m]
Speeds up to 1300 ft./min. [400m/min.]
Widths generally 13 ft. [4 m] or less
Speeds above 1300 ft./min. [400m/min.]
Widths > 13 ft. [4 m]
  • Extremely high tack: Immediate, strong bond to most paper types included coated stock ensures a reliable consistent splice to help you save money.
  • Easy-release liner: Paper liner removes quickly to save you time.
  • Available in white and blue: Distinctive blue version immediately identifies splice and helps reduce operator error by indicating that the liner has been removed prior to making the flying splice.
  • High heat resistance: 3M™ Tape 906 is resistant up to 400° F (204° C), so it can withstand temperatures in drying ovens.
  • Repulpable: Both 3M tape and liner pass TAPPI method UM-213. No need to separate splice from waste.
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