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Flexographic Plate Mounting

3M(TM) Cushion-Mount(TM) Plus Tapes
3M(TM) Cushion-Mount(TM) Plus Tapes
Flexographic plate mounting is a critical step in achieving optimum print quality. Using proper technique in preparation, mounting and plate removal will allow the optimum performance of the mounting tape through the entire flexographic printing process.
Proper surface preparation is important to ensure that the plate mounting tape will develop consistent and optimum adhesion between both the back of the photopolymer printing plate and the cylinder or sleeve.
Tools Needed:
• Razor blades
• Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and water (A mixture ranging from 50:50 IPA: Water up to 100% IPA)
• Rags/wipes
• Hand roller or 3M™ PA-1 Wiper

Surface Inspection: Surface uniformity is important in developing consistent adhesion across the entire cylinder and plate. Scratches, nicks, dents and other surface abnormalities will create variation in adhesion levels. This variation may result in removability or flagging problems. Care and effort should be taken in maintaining a consistent uniform cylinder surface.
  • Continuous micro channels in both adhesive surfaces allow the tape and plates to be mounted easily with virtually no air entrapment.
  • A new plate side adhesive system is designed for excellent holding power during the press run and easy removal at the end of the press run.
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