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EMI RFI Shielding of Seams

EMI RFI Heat Shielding Seams Apertures Applications Profile
EMI RFI Heat Shielding Seams Apertures Applications Profile
EMI RFI Shielding of Seams and Apertures is easy by applying tape over seams, connectors, cabinet hooks, etc., in a conventional manner by hand or with special equipment.
Tape needs to be rubbed down and the aluminum backing needs to be in electrical contact with the applications ground plane system. Die-cut parts can also be fabricated.

Effective, economical shielding of seams and apertures in many shielded rooms. (First determine if a moderate level of shielding will work and if roll goods or die-cuts are preferred.)

EMI = Electromagnetic Interference: Any undesired disturbance, either radiated or conducted, that degrades the proper operations of electrical or electronic equipment. EMI occurs when the operating frequency of one device overlaps that of another. Shields, like metals or metal foil tapes, block radiated energy and keep signals either inside or out.

RFI = Radio Frequency Interference: EMI that occurs in those frequency bands occupied by the majority of radio and other communication signals.
  • Application: Linered tapes are faster and easier to apply than many other typical shielding materials.
  • Die-cuts: Linered tapes allow precise die-cuts for difficult shielding operations.
  • Aluminum foil backing: Durable, chemically resistant, electrically conductive backing provides shielding for electrical interference.
  • Acrylic adhesive: A long-life permanent adhesive.
  • EMI RFI shielding: These tapes provide a moderate (25 db at 100 MHz) shielding effectiveness.
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