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Abrasives for Electronics Finishing

UPC (2.5mm) - Seikoh Giken 550 Polisher

UPC 2.5 mm Connector

Connector Type: UPC (2.5mm)
Polishing Machine: Seikoh Giken 550

3M Technical Service Engineers recommend using the following sequences for polishing UPC connectors using a Seikoh Giken 550 polishing machine. These sequences provide typical starting points. Your actual process may vary depending on your polishing equipment and requirements.

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PDF 3M Fiber Optic Polishing
(PDF 883 KB)

Recommended Sequence

3M™ Lapping Film or Polishing Film
Step Micron Grade Color Mineral Product I.D.*
Denub 5 Gray Silicon Carbide 461X
Step 1
Remove Epoxy
3 Pink Silicon Carbide 463X
Step 2 1 Purple Diamond 661X
Step 3 - White Final Polish 863X

* All abrasive discs are available with PSA (self-adhesive) backing.

Problem Possible Solution
Fiber height too high 1. Increase polishing time.
Connector has too many visual defects 1. Increase polishing time.
2. Use harder back up pad.
3. Use 863XW instead of 863X for final polishing step.

Polishing Tips:

  • Use deionized water as a lubricant.
  • Adjust machine pressure to accommodate for the number of connectors in your fixture.
  • If you have questions, call the 3M Fiber Optics Development Laboratory at 1-866-866-0922.

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