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3M™ MicroTouch™ System SCT3250EX 8"-12"

3M(TM) MicroTouch(TM) System SCT3250EX 8-12 inch
3M(TM) MicroTouch(TM) System SCT3250EX 8-12 inch
The 3M™ MicroTouch™ System SCT3250EX (surface capacitive touch technology) provides fast, accurate and reliable touch response with operation unaffected by on-screen contaminants and offers premium optical characteristics.
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Key Attributes

  • POS all-in-one devices
  • Gaming machines
  • Information kiosks
  • Amusement stations
  • Self-service systems
  • Industrial devices
  • Ticketing machines
  • Healthcare displays


Aspect RatioWide, Standard
Cable Exit9:00, 8:00
Cable Length8 Inch, 4 Inch, 4.27 Inch
Cable Length (metric)101.6 mm, 203.2 mm, 108.46 mm
Cables Available7310101, 7312256, 7310101
Cable Termination5 pin
ControllerUSB (HID), USB, Serial, None
Controllers AvailableIncluded (EXII-7760UC/98-0003-2814-0), Included (EXII-7720SC/98-0003-2217-6), EXII-7710UC/98-0003-2216-8, EXII-7720SC/98-0003-2217-6, EXII-7730HC/98-0003-2813-2, EXII-17xx, EXII-57xx
Diagonal Size9.27 Inch, 11.62 Inch, 9.57 Inch, 10.29 Inch, 8.75 Inch, 10.04 Inch, 10.84 Inch
Diagonal Size (metric)255.04 mm, 222.25 mm, 222.31 mm, 295.18 mm, 275.08 mm, 243.08 mm
EU RoHS CompliantYes
Glass Thickness0.125 Inch
Glass Thickness (metric)3.18 mm
Outer Area D11.62 Inch, 9.57 Inch
Outer Area D (metric)243.08 mm, 295.15 mm
Outer Area X8.56 Inch, 7.65 Inch, 9.512 Inch, 9.2 Inch, 8.563 Inch
Outer Area X (metric)194.31 mm, 217.5 mm, 233.68 mm
Outer Area Y7.1 Inch, 5.244 Inch, 5.65 Inch, 5.75 Inch, 5.24 Inch
Outer Area Y (metric)146.05 mm, 180.34 mm, 133.2 mm
Precision Area Diagonal10.23 Inch, 8.29 Inch, 8.28 Inch
Precision Area Diagonal (metric)210.57 mm, 210.31 mm, 259.84 mm
Precision Area Height4.93 Inch, 6.25 Inch
Precision Area Height (metric)125.12 mm, 125.22 mm, 158.75 mm
Precision Area Width6.66 Inch, 8.1 Inch
Precision Area Width (metric)169.16 mm, 169.04 mm, 205.74 mm
Product StatusAlternate Product (Lead Times Apply), Recommended
Touch Technology3M Surface Capacitive
View Area X8.58 Inch, 8.902 Inch, 7.953 Inch, 7.04 Inch
View Area X (metric)217.93 mm, 178.82 mm, 202 mm, 217.94 mm
View Area Y5.2 Inch, 6.61 Inch, 5.17 Inch, 4.764 Inch
View Area Y (metric)121.01 mm, 167.9 mm, 167.89 mm, 132.08 mm