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3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software

Ever have that feeling that someone's looking over your shoulder?

It's because they are.

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A comprehensive 180° privacy solution*

When used together, 3M™ ePrivacy Filter software and a 3M™ Privacy Filter provide visual privacy from virtually every angle — up to 180º of privacy protection.
3M™ ePrivacy Filter
Software protects the user from over-the-shoulder onlookers.
3M™ Privacy Filter
Screen is blocked from side views while the user sees a clear image from the front.
* Privacy coverage is dependent on webcam's field of view
3M™ ePrivacy Filter Solutions
Professional Enterprise Software +
Privacy Filter
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Detects over-the-shoulder onlooker and alerts user
Walk-away privacy blurs screen when user steps away
Customizable privacy settings
Low-battery usage
Intelligent facial recognition
Easy to install, easy to use
Unlocks screen for user only
Central deployment and management
Audit capability
Additional privacy from side views
Protects screen from scratches
Reversible matte and glossy finish options
Ultimate visual privacy protection
Compatible with
Windows XP and higher
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How does the software work? Does it use a webcam?

Yes, using your computer's webcam, 3M™ ePrivacy Filter learns the user's face through its facial recognition software. When an intruder is detected, the user is alerted with a pop-up of the intruder's face with an image taken by the webcam. The screen also blurs when the user looks away or steps away.

How long does it take to blur the screen once the user looks away or steps away?

When set at "Normal" security, the software blurs the screen after 20 seconds. When set at "High" security, the software blurs the screen after 2 seconds.

At what point does the blurred screen return to normal view?

The screen returns to normal view once the software identifies the user's face.

What should I do if the software doesn't recognize me?

Simply enter your Windows password to restore your normal view of the screen.

Will the software work in a busy environment, or will my screen be obscured frequently?

Even in a busy environment, you should be able to work efficiently. The software looks for a full intruder face. It generally will not detect intruders who are not looking directly at your screen.

What if I am working in a poorly lit environment?

The software may not immediately recognize you, but if you enter your Windows password it will automatically take another photo of you. Over time the software will become better at recognizing you as it learns your image in different conditions.

How does it work if I need to share information with co-workers?

You can pause the software by double-clicking on the shield icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. There is also a setting for suspending the software when you are in full-screen mode, such as when you are presenting a slideshow.

How far away does the camera pick up that someone is looking at the screen?

Depending on your specific webcam's capabilities, intruders can usually be detected from about six to fifteen feet from the screen.

How does 3M™ ePrivacy Filter software work together with my screen saver?

3M™ ePrivacy Filter software is compatible with your Windows screen saver. If you step away, it will obscure the screen within seconds. After 15 minutes (or your screen saver setting), the screen saver will be activated.

Will 3M™ ePrivacy Filter software affect my laptop battery life?

Yes, slightly. The software can consume between 3 and 5% of your computer's processing capacity when running on battery.

Can the software be disabled for video conferencing or other webcam use?

You can pause the software by double-clicking on the shield icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen..

How does it work if I dock my laptop at the office?

The software will function as long as your face is viewable via the webcam. If you choose to work with the lid shut, thus blocking the view of the webcam, an external USB webcam is needed in order to detect the user's face. If a USB webcam is not available, and the lid is shut, the software will not recognize the user and blur the screen. In this case, it may be best to simply pause the software whenever you wish to work with the lid shut.

What if I use multiple monitors at once?

If you are using multiple monitors with an external webcam, it is best to position the webcam as close to the center of the two monitors as possible.

Will the software recognize my face if I am not looking directly at it?

Yes, you may need to educate the software on how you prefer to work. You can do this by positioning yourself in your typical work posture and clicking "Add User" (Select "Settings" > "Users" > "Add User").

How does it work if the computer is used by multiple users?

If multiple users are using the same Windows account, they must each add their image to the database (Select "Settings" > "Users" > "Add User"). If multiple users are using the same computer with different Windows log-ons, ePrivacy Filter will learn each user separately as the settings and facial database are user account specific.

How many users can use ePrivacy Filter on a single Windows account?

3M recommends the software for up to 10 users.

How sensitive is it to facial changes such as glasses, sunglasses, makeup, facial hair, hats, scarves, etc.?

The software may not initially recognize you, but if you enter your Windows password it will automatically take another photo of you. Over time the software will become better at recognizing you as it learns your image in different conditions.

Where are the facial recognition images stored? Does 3M have access to these images?

JThese images are stored on your local computer hard drive. 3M does not have access to the files on the computer drive nor does it store these images on an external server.

Is it possible to be notified of any software updates?

By registering your software, you can ensure that you are notified via email of any software updates.


How do I deploy the software to multiple users?

The software supports silent installs and can be installed as any other program would be. It is up to the enterprise to deploy the software.

Can I customize security settings by groups who may handle highly sensitive information while defining normal settings for lower-security-risk employees?

Yes. The software leverages Group Policy Management to control the security settings of the software.

How do I obtain an audit report of intruders and failed login attempts?

Events are written to the Windows Events locally on the computer. It is up to the enterprise to collect these events if they wish.

Is there an annual service and maintenance fee associated with ePrivacy Filter software?

No reoccurring fees are associated with the software.

I am working on an important project with very sensitive information. How can I adjust the settings to provide greater privacy while I work?

GBy selecting "Security" and opting for "High" you can set your delay to protect the screen to just 2 seconds. This also blurs your screen the moment an intruder is detected.

I am not working on anything important at this time and would like to relax the privacy settings. How can I adjust my settings?

By selecting "Security" and opting for "Normal" you can set your "delay before protecting" to 20 seconds.

Can you further adjust the time frame for the screen to blur?

Yes, the default "normal Security" level is set at 20 seconds, but you can adjust it down to 0 seconds or up to 30 seconds ("Security" > "Custom" > "Protection" > "Delay" before protecting the screen).

How do I set my intrusion detection so that the screen automatically blurs once an intruder is detected?

"Automatic intruder detection" can be turned on by selecting "Settings," setting the security level to "Custom," then clicking on "Protection" tab to check the "Automatic intruder protection" box.

How do I restore all my custom settings to the original configuration?

Setting the security setting to "Normal" will reset all other settings back to the original configuration (Select "Security" > "Normal").

Is the software compatible with Mac OS devices?

ePrivacy Filter is not compatible with Mac OS systems. The software is compatible with Windows operating system computers only.

Is 3M™ ePrivacy Filter compatible with Windows OS devices?

Yes, ePrivacy Filter software is compatible with devices running Windows XP or later.

Does 3M™ ePrivacy Filter work with cloud networking such as Citrix?

Yes, it works with Citrix as long as the end point has a webcam.