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The good news: New mobile technology is making it possible for your employees to work anywhere. The bad news: Visual hackers are at work out there, too, capturing sensitive information displayed in plain sight on your employees' smartphone, tablet and laptop screens. Considering the potential cost of a visual hacking attack, organizations just can't afford to chances.

Risks from visual hacking:

  • Breach of confidential customer or patient info
  • Leak of private personnel or payroll info
  • Capture of login credentials enabling access to secure IT systems

3M™ Privacy Products,
available for most screens and devices.
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Don't take chances, take action

Use these tools and resources to help educate your organization on the issue of visual privacy and take action to prevent the loss of sensitive, confidential data through visual hacking.
  • Download Checklist >
    Visual Privacy Readiness Checklist to help educate, create policies, and suggest solutions to organizations
  • Online ROI Calculator >
    Online Visual Privacy ROI Calculator to estimate the value of taking steps to address visual privacy within your organization
  • Download Toolkit >
    Visual Privacy Justification Toolkit includes a customizable presentation to help educate your organization on the issue of visual privacy
  • Download Questionnaire >
    Visual Privacy Assessment Questionnaire to help identify and illustrate visual privacy vulnerabilities in your organization (healthcare only)

Privacy is the best policy

We're committed to helping organizations in a variety of industries comply with regulatory and workplace visual privacy policies. Visit the following links to download whitepapers on the issue of visual privacy and learn more about our privacy products and solutions for organizations.

 | Enterprise/Financial | IT/Security | Government

Outfit your screens for maximum privacy

3M Privacy Filters and Privacy Screen Protectors:

  • Block side views from visual hackers
  • Deliver a clear image for the intended viewer
  • Added protection from screen scratches
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Made in the USA

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Keep visual hackers in the dark by requiring 3M Privacy Products on all your screens. Our advanced microlouver technology is designed to prevent visual hackers from stealing side-glances, while users still see their screen clearly. So simple, it's amazing. So innovative, you'll know it's from 3M -- a leader in visual privacy for over 30 years.

Outfit your screens for maximum privacy

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