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Cost Savings Calculator

Calculate the revolutionary benefits.

3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasives out-cut and out-last every conventional abrasive disc or belt on the market. What does this mean to your operation? Simple: More parts produced per day with fewer abrasives used.

Do your own math on the calculators below:
  • For faster Cutting Speed, choose either Capacity Improvement or Time Savings to calculate
  • For longer lasting abrasive speed choose Reduce Cost to calculate

Number of parts finished per day
Finished parts per day
using Cubitron II
Man hours of grinding per day
Man hours of grinding per day
using Cubitron II
Number of belts or disc used per:
day week month
Number of Cubitron II
belts or discs
per day
*This is an example of the benefits of 2x life and 30% faster cutting speed. Results may vary by application.

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