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Dressing Tools and Equipment

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Dressing Tools and Equipment

Dressing Tools and Equipment

3M™ Dressing Tools and Equipment can help improve the efficiency of your superabrasive grinding operation. 3M offers a full line of natural and synthetic diamond dressing tools, discs, and rolls designed to true and dress all types of bonded abrasives and superabrasive wheels.

Dressing Systems

3M develops and supplies precision dressing systems for all types of grinding machines. Dressing system quality has a determining influence on the efficiency and economy of the overall grinding process. For this reason, dressing systems require high-quality components in terms of both stiffness and precision. 3M™ Wendt™ Dressing Systems meet the highest requirements, whether for standard versions or custom built solutions.

Dressing Equipment
• Inline Cantilever Spindles
• Outboard Support Dresser Spindles
• Quick Change Spindle Arbors
• Infeed Dresser Systems

Rotary Dressers

During the abrasive cutting process, the grinding wheel is subject to wear and to clogging with detritus. As a consequence, the defined cutting topography, which is made up of abrasive grains and bonding material, gradually changes. While 3M™ Cubitron™ II wheels have proven to lower the dress frequency, it is still necessary to maintain the defined cutting topography by repeated dressing in order to make the best use of potential wheel life.

3M™ Wendt™ Diamond Roller Dressers meet the most demanding requirements, as they can transfer highly accurate profiles within very short dressing cycle times via plunge dressing into vitrified grinding wheels.

• Full Form Dressers for threaded and worm wheels
• CVD Dressing Discs for single rib wheels

• Reverse Plated
• Random Set, Hand Set and Combination
• Sinter Bonds with Controlled Density, Size and Orientation
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