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3M™ Flap Wheel Type 84 341D

3M(TM) Flap Wheel Type 84 341D
3M(TM) Flap Wheel Type 84 341D
An aluminum oxide flap wheel Type 84 20T constructed on a X-weight, durable cloth backing. Resin bonded for heat resistance.
  • General purpose
  • Good value
  • Long life
  • Fast cutting
  • Threaded spindle mount for easy attachment
  • Premium aluminum oxide
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3M IDUPCMarketplace Formal NameGradeWidthDiameter
60000142418000511256375033M™ Cloth 341D, 36 X-weight36 
60000142426000511256375103M™ Cloth 341D, 40 X-weight40 
60000142442000511256375343M™ Cloth 341D, 50 X-weight50 
60000142392000511256374803M™ Cloth 341D, P240 X-weightP240 
60000142400000511256374973M™ Cloth 341D, P320 X-weightP320 
60000142368000511256374593M™ Cloth 341D, P150 X-weightP150 
60000142434000511256375273M™ Cloth 341D, P400 X-weightP400 
60000142459000511256375413M™ Cloth 341D, 60 X-weight60 
60000142343000511256374353M™ Cloth 341D, P100 X-weightP100 
60000142376000511256374663M™ Cloth 341D, P180 X-weightP180 
60440199705000511449684113M™ Flap Wheel Type 84 341D, 1 in x 5/8 in x 1/4-20 EXT 40 X-weight, 10 per case400.62 Inch1 Inch 
60000142467000511256375583M™ Cloth 341D, 80 X-weight80 
60000142350000511256374423M™ Cloth 341D, P120 X-weightP120 
60440199739000511449686643M™ Flap Wheel Type 84 341D, 2 in x 1 in x 1/4-20 EXT 40 X-weight, 10 per case401 Inch2 Inch 
60000142384000511256374733M™ Cloth 341D, 24 X-weight24 
16 Results (Displaying results 1-15)
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 Application Category‎‎ Blending/Deburring,‎ Dimensioning/Descaling
 Applications‎‎ Descaling,‎ Setting the Grain,‎ Refining,‎ Blending
 Attachment Type‎‎ Threaded
 Backing Material‎‎ Cloth
 Backing Weight‎‎ X Weight
 Brand‎‎ 3M™
 Coat Type‎‎ Closed Coat
 Color‎‎ Brown
 Converted Form‎‎ Cross Pad, Non-Standard Size,‎ Flap Wheel,‎ Segment, Non-Standard Size,‎ Sheet, Non-Standard Size,‎ Disc, Non-Standard Size,‎ Wheel, Non-Standard Size,‎ Roll, Non-Standard Size,‎ Square Pad, Non-Standard Size,‎ Cartridge Roll, Non-Standard Size,‎ Belt, Non-Standard Size,‎ Cone, Non-Standard Size
 Diameter‎‎ 1 Inch,‎ 2 Inch
 Diameter (Metric)‎‎ 25.4 mm,‎ 50.8 mm
 Equipment - Machines‎‎ Inline Sanders,‎ Backstand,‎ Die Grinders
 Form Type‎‎ Flap
 Grade‎‎ P320,‎ P150,‎ P400,‎ P120,‎ 40,‎ 36,‎ 80,‎ 24,‎ P180,‎ 60,‎ P240,‎ P100,‎ 50
 Industries‎‎ Metalworking
 Max RPM‎‎ 25000,‎ 30000
 Mineral Type‎‎ Aluminum Oxide
 Position‎‎ Better
 Primary Application‎‎ Metalworking
 Product Form‎‎ Wheel
 Sub Industries‎‎ Metal Fabrication
 Substrates‎‎ Carbon Steel
 Thread Size‎‎ 1/4-20 EXT
 Wheel Type‎‎ Type 84
 Width‎‎ 0.62 Inch,‎ 1 Inch
 Width (Metric)‎‎ 25.4 mm,‎ 15.748 mm