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3M™ Disc Sanders

3M™ Disc Sander Model No. 20232, 15K rpm, 1 hp Power Tool
3M™ Disc Sander Model No. 20232, 15K rpm, 1 hp Power Tool
Air-powered 3M™ Disc Sanders are packed with ergonomic comfort features and ideal for small-scale grinding and deburring applications as well as paint prep and weld burn clean-up.
  • Precision-balanced motor supports light grinding and deburring
  • Versatile attachment feature enables use of quality 3M™ Roloc™ Discs and Scotch-Brite™ Surface Conditioning Products
  • Lightweight, compact design and comfortable grip with 3M™ Gripping Material generate less vibration and noise, and allow for greater operator control
  • Ergonomic 97-degree head helps reduce wrist strain over 90-degree models
  • Dual mount feature allows direct mount for greater visibility and maximum control, or collet mount for extended reach
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3M IDUPCMarketplace Formal NameLength
60440236291000511412834183M™ Disc Sander 28341, 2 in .3 hp 20,000 RPM, 1 per case5.91 Inch   
60440236309000511412832893M™ Disc Sander 28328, 2 in .3 hp 12,000 RPM, 1 per case5.91 Inch   
60440237133000511412840883M™ Disc Sander 28408, 4 in - 5 in 5/8-11 EXT 1 hp, 1 per case8.25 Inch   
60440239444000511412862283M™ Disc Sander Extended Length 28622, 4 in - 5 in 5/8-11 EXT 1 hp, 1 per case11.5 Inch   
60440179400000511412023273M™ Disc Sander 20232, 3 in 1 hp, 1 per case8.25 Inch   
5 Results (Displaying results 1-5)


To increase operator precision and help eliminate rework, these tools include a variable speed control feature. Built with operator comfort in mind, our line of 3M™ Disc Sanders have a lightweight, compact design and a 97-degree head that allows for greater wrist comfort and control during use. They also include a comfortable full coverage composite grip that absorbs vibration and moderates cold temperatures caused by air flow. In addition, the motor is precision balanced to ensure smoother and quieter operation over that of competitive sanders.

The necessary air power supply and hose are sold separately. When used with the collet chuck the sander may also function as a die grinder for use with specialty abrasives such as cross buffs cartridge rolls. Our 3M™ Roloc™ TR system was designed to provide a quick, secure attachment for products ranging in diameter from 1 to 4 inches. Roloc disc pads come in various densities or hardness levels depending on the requirements of the application. The hardness ranges from extra hard to soft, where the rule of thumb is the coarser the abrasive, the harder the disc pad one should use, which promotes longer life of the product. The disc pad (also called a backup pad) interlocks with the sanding disc or bristle disc and is attached to the disc sander. This simple assembly provides a secure attachment that is reliable even when working at high speeds. Combining a Roloc abrasive disc with a Roloc disc pad provides high-quality, consistent results.


 Air Inlet Thread‎‎ 1/4 in NPT,‎ 3/8 in NPT
 Application Category‎‎ Finishing/Polishing,‎ Adhesives, Coatings, Sealant Corrosion Removal,‎ Blending/Deburring,‎ Sealant Corrosion Removal,‎ Paint Prep, Finish & Repair,‎ Grinding/Metal Stock Removal
 Applications‎‎ Coating Removal,‎ Deburring,‎ Right Angle Grinding,‎ Defect Repair/Leveling,‎ Radiusing,‎ Paint Stripping,‎ Edge Chamfering,‎ Contour Finishing,‎ Adhesive Removal,‎ Sealant Removal,‎ Edge Beveling,‎ Prepping Metal Prior to Paint
 Brand‎‎ 3M™
 Converted Form‎‎ Power Tool
 Equipment Type‎‎ Disc Sander
 Height‎‎ 2.5 Inch,‎ 4.7 Inch,‎ 4.23 Inch,‎ 3.25 Inch
 Height (Metric)‎‎ 63.5 mm,‎ 119 mm,‎ 107.4 mm,‎ 82.6 mm
 Industries‎‎ Metalworking,‎ Transportation & Heavy Equipment,‎ General Industrial,‎ Paint Preparation,‎ MRO,‎ Aerospace,‎ AOEM,‎ Composite
 Length‎‎ 8.25 Inch,‎ 11.5 Inch,‎ 5.91 Inch
 Length (Metric)‎‎ 150.2 mm,‎ 209.6 mm,‎ 292 mm
 Max RPM‎‎ 12000,‎ 20000,‎ 15000
 Motor HP (W)‎‎ 1 (744),‎ .3 (224)
 Power Type‎‎ Pneumatic
 Primary Application‎‎ Metalworking,‎ Paint Prep, Coating & Corrosion Removal
 Product Form‎‎ Power Tool
 Sub Industries‎‎ Metal Fabrication
 Thread Size‎‎ 5/8-11 EXT
 Weight Pound (kg)‎‎ 2.31 (1.05),‎ 1.09 (.49),‎ 1.97 (.89),‎ 1.83 (.83)