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Why 3M Abrasives?

We build communities, drive innovation, and help make dreams a reality.
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Community Member and Builder

Why does 3M care about your community? Because we live there, too. In more than 50 small towns and big cities, 3M is making the abrasives that build our communities – providing the finish on the lens in a one stoplight town and the finish on the bean in Chicago’s Millennium Park. We speed the production of windmills and electric cars so workers can get home to coach baseball and run the school fundraiser. We make sandpaper, but we build communities.
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Your Dream, Your Choice

What’s your dream? A new boat? A completely redesigned kitchen? A knee without pain that allows you to dance the night away? Everyone’s dreams are unique. For more than 100 years, 3M’s abrasives technologies have been helping make dreams a reality. It’s 3M abrasives that help provide the brilliant finishes on the world’s finest boats. It’s 3M abrasives that help provide the beautiful and consistent finishes on your kitchen cabinets, appliances and faucets, adding warmth to your home. It’s 3M abrasives that precisely grind medical implants that help you live an active lifestyle. They are your dreams, and 3M helps you live them.
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Driving Confidence with Innovative Technology

Whether you’re a motor-head or soccer Mom, 3M has been a part of your relationship with your car. The auto industry is constantly changing, and since the time of the Model T, 3M has enabled many of these changes. You demanded more reliable engines, so 3M developed the technology to help enable engine parts that last longer. You then demanded that your car’s finish would last as long as its engine. 3M stepped in again to develop the abrasives systems necessary to make your car look beautiful for years to come. That little bit of 3M magic lets you feel confident about what’s on the hood and what’s under the hood, whether you’re bringing home the checkered flag or bringing home the groceries.