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3M™ Cold Shrink QT-III Termination Kit 7652-S-4-TI with Top Insulator, JCN Cable, Skirted, 5-25/28 kV, 0.64-1.08 in (16.3-27.4 mm) Cable Insul. O.D., 1 termination/kit

3M ID  80611200082    UPC#  00054007434092    Part Number  7652-S-4-TI     
3M Cold Shrink QT-III Terminations
3M Cold Shrink QT-III Terminations
QT-III 7640-S, 7650-S and 7660-S
3M™ Cold Shrink QT-III 7640-S & 7650-S Series Termination Kit includes a skirted termination with a jumper wire-top insulator. It ensures a pliable, tight seal for jacketed concentric neutral and concentric neutral power cables. The conjunction of high dielectric-constant material and sealing compounds allows the termination to withstand voltages of 5 to 25/28 kV.


  • Provides a void-free seal to jacketed concentric neutral and concentric neutral power cables
  • High dielectric-constant material regulates the distribution of electric field stress
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Termination has 0.64 to 1.08-in insulation O.D., 0.97 to 1.48-in jacket O.D. and 0.22 to 1.31-in connector/drop wire O.D.
  • Accommodates wire sizes of 4/0 AWG to 400 kcmil at 5kV, 3/0 AWG to 300 kcmil at 8 kV, 2 to 4/0 AWG at 15kV, 2 to 1/0 AWG at 25/28 kV
  • Integrated, jumper wire-top insulator and step-core design allows for easier installation, while sealing compounds provide constant radial pressure
  • Withstands voltages of 5 to 25/28 kV and is 150 kV BIL-rated
  • Includes a 4-skirt, cold shrink termination
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3M™ Cold Shrink QT-III 7640-S & 7650-S Series Termination Kit is designed for terminating medium voltage cables. The UV stable, erosion and track-resistant, silicone rubber construction makes the termination suitable for outdoor applications. The lower surface stress, high dielectric-constant material offers an optimized BIL performance while ensuring a leak-proof, compact fit. A jumper wire-top insulator provided on the detachable core allows for convenient installation while offering optimal protection of a circuit from corrosion and animal damages.

Conductor Size Range for
· 5 kV: 4/0 AWG-400 kcmil
· 8 kV: 3/0 AWG-300 kcmil
· 15 kV: 2-4/0 AWG
· 25/28 kV: 2-1/0 AWG


 Agency Approvals‎‎ IEEE
 BIL‎‎ 150 kV
 Breakout Boot‎‎ No
 Cable Insulation Outside Diameter Range‎‎ 0.64-1.08 in
 Cable Insulation Outside Diameter Range (metric)‎‎ 16.3-27.4 mm
 Conductor Sizes‎‎ 1 AWG,‎ 1/0 AWG,‎ 2 AWG,‎ 2/0 AWG,‎ 250 kcmil,‎ 3/0 AWG,‎ 300 kcmil,‎ 350 kcmil,‎ 4/0 AWG,‎ 400 kcmil
 Family‎‎ QT-III
 Indoor/Outdoor‎‎ Outdoor Skirted
 Insulation Level‎‎ 100%,‎ 133%
 Insulation Rejacketing‎‎ No
 Lug/Stem Connector Included in Kit‎‎ No
 Maximum Installed Length‎‎ 12.25 in
 Number of Conductors‎‎ 1
 Number of Skirts‎‎ 4
 Product Family‎‎ QT-III
 Product Series‎‎ 7640-S-TI, 7650-S-TI Series
 RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant‎‎ Undetermined
 RoHS EU Comments‎‎ Contact 3M for information
*Important RoHS information
 Shielding Type‎‎ Concentric Neutral (CN),‎ Jacketed Concentric Neutral (JCN)
 Trademark‎‎ 3M
 Voltage‎‎ 15 kV,‎ 25/28 kV,‎ 5 kV,‎ 8 kV

Manufacturing Origin: USA

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