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    From Our Chairman Intro

    At 3M, we are working hard to help create a better world for people everywhere. We apply our ingenuity, our expertise and our technology to solve problems innovatively, and with a focus on solutions for the longer term. Sustainability is fundamental to our business philosophy – from product development and manufacturing to how customers use our products.

    Our Enduring Commitment

    For decades, 3M has pioneered sustainable business practices with outstanding results. Our 3P Program – Pollution Prevention Pays—is now in its thirty-seventh year. Over the years, this innovative, world-leading program has prevented 3.5 billion pounds of pollution. And that’s not all - our efforts have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 72 percent.

    We have created hundreds of sustainable solutions and product platforms to help our customers manage their environmental footprint – from paint systems that reduce the need for cleaning solvents and window films that ease energy consumption to a greener tape that is made with plant-based adhesive and film.

    But we know there is much more to do.  3M and its customers face ongoing challenges such as energy reduction and efficient use of raw materials.  When we look upon these challenges, we apply 3M innovation to overcome them, for our company, for our customers and for our communities.

    Our 2015 Sustainability Goals

    Sustainability is a real-world business initiative that is woven into the culture of 3M. We are building on our years of success to further reduce our environmental footprint. Our goal is to reduce volatile air emissions 15 percent by 2015, reduce solid waste 10 percent and improve energy efficiency by 25 percent, all from a 2010 base.

    Our sustainability goals also measure progress on social responsibility and economic issues. For example, we aim to increase sales of 3M products that offer environmental advantages and we are developing and implementing water conservation plans in areas with scarce or stressed water resources.

    Sustainability will continue to be a vital focus as we work to truly advance every company, enhance every home and improve every life.

    Inge Thulin
    Chairman, President and CEO

    Vision Statement

    3M Leaders

    Inge Thulin,
    COB, President & CEO 2012–

    George W. Buckley,
    COB, President & CEO 2005–2012

    Robert Morrison,
    COB and CEO 2005 (July–December)

    W. James McNerney, Jr.,
    COB and CEO 2001–2005 (July)

    L.D. DeSimone,
    COB and CEO, 1991–2001

    Allen F. Jacobson,
    COB and CEO, 1986–1991

    Lewis Lehr,
    CEO 1979–1980,
    COB and CEO 1980–1986

    Raymond Herzog,
    CEO 1974–1975,
    COB and CEO 1975–1979, COB 1979–1980

    Harry Heltzer,
    COB and CEO, 1970–1974, COB 1974–1975

    Bert S. Cross,
    COB and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 1966–1970

    William L. McKnight,
    President, 1929–1949
    Chairman of the Board (COB), 1949–1966

    Lucius P. Ordway,
    President, 1906–1909

    Edgar Ober,
    President, 1905–1906, 1909–1929

    Henry S. Bryan,
    President, 1902–1905




    A look back at significant milestones from 3M’s rich sustainability legacy.


    Product Spotlight

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    Making a Difference

    Making a Difference

    3M has a commitment to connecting with people—our most valuable resource.

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    Goals and Progress

    Goals and Progress

    3M reveals its targets and performance metrics for sustainability.

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