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    Collaboration is an important part of our sustainability strategy. We team with a variety of organizations to gain a diverse set of viewpoints on sustainability, a better understanding of the positions of our stakeholders, and a mechanism to learn from the successes and failures of our peers.

    The Nature Conservancy

    Partnering with The Nature Conservancy, we have funded projects in the U.S., China, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico.

    Darkwoods —from Yellowstone to the Yukon in British Columbia, Canada: A $500,000 3M Foundation grant will help secure the single largest private land purchase for conservation in Canadian history. This land will help restore caribou habitat and other critical species by connecting the property with neighboring protected areas.

    The Minnesota Forest Legacy Partnership – a $1.5 million grant to protect 89,000 acres in northern Minnesota making it one of the largest intact forests remaining in the country.

    In 2011, 3M provided a $1 million grant for the Crown of the Continent project representing two of the largest conservation acquisitions in North American history and knitting together a 60-million-acre network of protected public lands across Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and into southern British Columbia.

    Emissions Credits

    Under U.S. environmental laws, 3M has been able to earn emission reduction credits for reducing its air emissions beyond environmental regulatory requirements. In most cases where 3M has done this, we either sold these credits and contributed the profits to environmentally beneficial projects or contributed the emission-reduction credits themselves to state and local governments for air-quality improvements.




    A look back at significant milestones from 3M’s rich sustainability legacy.


    Product Spotlight

    Product Spotlights

    3M’s propensity to innovate is our most effective way to promote change.

    Sustainable projects.

    Making a Difference

    Making a Difference

    3M has a commitment to connecting with people—our most valuable resource.

    Community works.

    Goals and Progress

    Goals and Progress

    3M reveals its targets and performance metrics for sustainability.

    Dashboard of data.