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    We make a measurable difference by minimizing our effects on the environment. And we increase that difference dramatically by making thousands of products that help consumers and businesses minimize their impact.

    Environmental Solutions Catalogs

    Environmental Solutions

    We offer diverse solutions that help our customers in a broad range of industries address their environmental and energy challenges. Browse solutions (PDF, 8.12MB)

    Other Environmental Solutions Catalogs

    • Environmental Solutions for Buildings
      We make products for the building management and construction markets that contribute to certification under the U.S. and Brazil Green Building Councils LEED® rating systems. Browse solutions. (PDF, 3.67MB). Browse 3M Brazil Solutions (Catalog Only Available in Portuguese: PDF,  2.9MB)
    • Environmental Solutions for Everyday Life
      Dozens of our products for home and office have an environmental or energy-savings advantage. Browse solutions. (PDF, 3.85MB)
    • Environmental Solutions for Graphics
      Commercial large format graphics and lighting solutions with an environmental advantage.  Browse solutions. (PDF, 1MB)
    • Environmental Solutions for Addressing Climate Change
      For businesses and consumers specifically interested in reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, we have products that help. Browse solutions. (PDF, 2.88MB)

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    What do we mean by “environmental solution?”

    The products we market as "environmental solutions" meet one or more of the following criteria:

    Products that help 3M customers to reduce their environmental footprint

    • Products that reduce air pollution 
    • Products that reduce customer energy use &/or greenhouse gas emissions 
    • Products that reduce customer waste (via reuse, recyclability, & compostability)
    • Products that reduce customer water use or pollution 
    • Products that prevent the disturbance of environmentally sensitive areas or clean up industrial pollution
    • Improve fuel economy in vehicles (i.e via light weighting)

    Products that are manufactured with a reduced footprint

    • Products manufactured using a low/no solvent (VOC) process 
    • Products that are made with recycled content, renewable resources, or using 3rd party certified materials
    • Products that do not contain materials of concern typically found in competitive products
    • Products with less of a carbon footprint than other similar solutions using the same methodology

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    We are developing the next generation of solutions.

    We never stop innovating. We're always developing new ways to help customers meet their environmental challenges, along with ways to reduce our products' environmental impact.

    For example, our 3M's Corporate Research Laboratory is identifying and promoting the use of renewable materials as replacements for petroleum-based polymers and monomers in 3M films, fibers, adhesives, molded products, and more. Researchers' work will make our products more environmentally sustainable and will help ensure a more cost-effective source of raw materials, as oil becomes scarcer and prices for it fluctuate.

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    A look back at significant milestones from 3M’s rich sustainability legacy.


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    Making a Difference

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