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    3M’s Commitment to Sustainable Forestry

    3M is one of the most acclaimed companies in the world for its commitment to the environment.

    For more than 40 years, 3M has been a leader among global companies – having pioneered the concept of sustainability in its manufacturing processes, beginning with its groundbreaking Pollution Prevention Pays (3P) Program in 1975 to a broad portfolio of sustainable products today.

    We have also set aggressive environmental goals for our company to address climate change, water stewardship, air emissions, and waste reduction while increasing the recyclability and recycled content of our packaging.

    As a global company, we believe that we have a responsibility to society, in general, and especially to the communities in which we live and work. This includes protecting critical species and habitats. We have donated more than $20 million to The Nature Conservancy to safeguard critical biodiversity and habitat throughout the United States, China, Mexico and Brazil.

    Responsible Paper Sourcing

    As part of our overall sustainability efforts, we have had a long-standing commitment to responsible forest management within our supply chain. We source paper products from suppliers who we believe share our values and are equally committed to protecting forest areas.

    The 3M Pulp and Paper Sourcing Policy is designed to assure that the virgin wood fiber going into 3M’s paper-based products and packaging comes from sources that protect forests and respect the rights of workers and people who live in or may depend on forests for their livelihood.  3M expects that the virgin fiber that we purchase can be traced to the forest source, and is harvested legally and in a way that is protective of high carbon stock forests, high conservation values, and workers’ and indigenous peoples’ rights.

    3M is partnering with The Forest Trust (TFT), a non-profit organization with a strong track record in guiding companies on the development and implementation of responsible pulp and paper sourcing and improved forest management across global supply chains. Together, we are engaging with our suppliers, to trace 3M materials back through mills to the forest sources, educate them on the forestry issues addressed in the Policy, and support them in setting up their own responsible fiber sourcing programs.  Through this collaboration under the framework of our Policy, we are harnessing the power of our supply chain to promote responsible sourcing and sustainability in forest sources around the world.

    Sustainable Innovation

    3M continues to advance sustainable product development.  Just one example is our Post-it® Greener Notes and Post-it® Recycled Notes, which are made from 100% recycled paper, and the packaging for the Recycled notes is made of 100% recycled cardboard. We also offer Post-it® 100% Recycled Pop-Up Notes, Post-it® Greener Pagemarkers, and Post-it® Recycled Easel Pads. All Post-it® Notes are 100% recyclable. See more details in our Sustainable Solutions catalogue.

    Certain Post-it® brand and Scotch® brand products now utilize a revolutionary adhesive made primarily from renewable plants. This reduces the use of petroleum in the manufacturing process, which is better for the environment.

    All of these things together help preserve our world’s forests, reduce the impact of climate change and improve lives around the world. Working with our vendors, employees, customers and community stakeholders, we will continue to meet the needs of society today, while respecting the needs of future generations.



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