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Betafine™ DP Series Filter Cartridge, 15 per case, DP30PP005DG

3M ID  70020138916    UPC#  00016145136054     
Betafine™ DP Series
Betafine™ DP Series
The Betafine DP Cartridge, 30" Nominal Length, Polypropylene Filter Media, 0.5μm Grade Code & Rating, Double Open End Modification, Polyethylene O-ring Material is a pleated polypropylene filter and part of our family of filters available with absolute ratings from 0.2 to 70 microns and are made with all-polypropylene filtering material.
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These filters are used extensively on corrosive and non-corrosive process fluids where broad chemical compatibility is required. Our line of Betafine DP series filter cartridges and capsules are ideally suited for high flow, low viscosity fluids. The vast surface area of the pleated filter matrix offers increased flow, high contaminant loading capacity and low initial pressure drop. Pleated construction permits the use of smaller housings, which help reduce costs. Betafine DP series filter cartridges are available in lengths to 40" with a wide variety of end mods to fit most filter housing designs.

Flow Rates
Betafine DP series filter construction is optimized to obtain the highest flow rates while maintaining the defined particle reduction efficiencies.

Made to Filter
We manufacture Betafine™ DP series filter cartridges from 100% polypropylene and are pleated for increased surface area. To provide a structurally integral cartridge, the cartridge end cap adapters are thermally bonded to the inner core and outer cage as well as the pleated edge of the media and support materials. Multiple filter lengths, with various end cap adapters, are produced using the same thermal bonding technique. Our manufacturing eliminates the use of adhesives and housing adapters to provide users with a cost-effective alternative without housing change-out.

The Power of Pleated Performance
Our precision engineered, absolute rated, pleated filter provides dependable, repeatable filtration, improving effluent quality and helps provide consistent performance. The nature of pleated media also constitutes a greater surface area in less physical space and provides a longer service life compared to non-pleated media. Greater surface area leads to fewer filter change-outs and lower total filtration operating costs.

The greater surface area means higher flow rates with lower pressure drops, which yields exceptional throughput, reduced processing time and reduced processing costs.

Our thermally bonded, 100% polypropylene construction affords extensive chemical and thermal compatibility and no media migration. FDA, CFR 21 listed materials of construction are suitable for a range of applications, including food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

We make all of our Betafine™ DP Series filters to provide superior chemical resistance and durability in demanding process applications such as:

  • Coatings - Maintain high quality in feed streams and intermediates
  • Electronics - RO/DI pre-filtration, electroplating baths, process/ rinse water, solvent, specialty coatings
  • Food & Beverage - Potable water, process and blending water and diatomaceous earth trap filtration in food and beverage applications
  • Pharmaceutical - Pre-filtration, final filtration of process water, air and gas pre-filtration, chemical intermediates, bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, and solvents
  • Industrial Process - Filtration of intermediates, fine chemicals, and photographic chemicals, reagent grade chemicals, high purity chemicals, oil and gas processing, secondary water filtration, and process gases

Filter Capsules
Our line of Betafine DP Series Filter Capsules use the same materials and pleated construction methods as filter cartridges but are designed for critical, small volume filter applications in the coatings, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and microelectronics markets. They also contain pleated, absolute-rated, polypropylene filter media providing excellent retention of particles at fast flow rates. Sanitary vent and drain valves offer ease of use during the filtering process and their compact designs are available with a variety of end connections to fit most process systems.


 Applications‎ Final Filtration for Particulates in Soft Drinks‎ ,  Particle Reduction in Bottle Water Manufacturing‎ ,  Particle Reduction in Distilled Spirits Filtration‎ ,  RO Protection and Prefiltration‎ ,  Solids Removal, Recovery & Reclaim‎ ,  Turbidity and Particle Control in Soft Drink Water‎ ,  Water Filtration for Beer Applications‎ ,  Water Filtration for Wine Applications‎
 Brand‎ 3M™ Betafine™‎
 Filter Material‎ Polypropylene‎
 Filter Type‎ Pleated polypropylene media, polypropylene support layers‎
 Industries‎ Life Sciences‎
 Series‎ Betafine™ DP Series‎