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The minute you contact us, 3M will provide you with fast, clear and simple answers to your home water questions. With a full line of water filtration systems, we strive to provide you with the best experience possible.

Expert water quality support from the foundation up. 3M Water Dealer builder program. Expertise you can trust.

The minute you contact us, 3M will provide you with fast, clear and simple answers to your home water questions. With a full line of water filtration systems, we strive to provide you with the best experience possible.

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Common water quality concerns in the home.
Why filter your water? Click here to find out more.
Questions to ask your authorized 3M Water dealer.
Product Family

Water Softeners

3M Water Softeners treat water as it enters your home, minimizing the effects of hard water. Benefits include brighter clothing, cleaner dishes, less detergent consumption and less water usage. Helps protect the entire plumbing system. Systems include a state-of-the-art valve that allows monitoring and control for every function and cycle. The 3M Softeners reduce water usage by metering use and regenerating only when necessary. The multi-level salt support traps dirt (sediment) and debris away from the salt tank draw area, enabling the use of inexpensive types of water treatment salt reducing maintenance.

Water Treatment

3M Water Treatment Systems treat water as it enters your home. Depending on your specific water quality concerns, systems help reduce dissolved, precipitated and bacterial iron from your water supply, without the use of chemicals for iron oxidation. 3M water treatment systems include reduction of Chlorine Taste & Odor and De-Chlorination and reduction of Chloramines (using Activated Carbon media), Acid Neutralizer/pH adjustment (using Calcite media), Particulate and Precipitated Iron (using Filter Sand media) from your water.*

Systems include state-of-the-art valving that allows monitoring and control for every function and cycle. This unique process requires ONLY periodic backwashing for a few minutes to flush out entrapped contaminants that may have accumulated in the media tank. This helps minimize energy and water waste.

*Contaminants are not necessary present in your water

Whole House Water Filtration

3M whole house water filtration systems, commonly referred to as point of entry, are installed where water enters your home. Once in place, these systems filter all the water in your home. We offer systems specially designed for both private wells and city water. Large capacity systems reduce sediment to help provide cleaner, clearer water by filtering sediment from the water used throughout your entire home.

Drinking Water Systems

Our trusted drinking water systems install under your sink to deliver better tasting water straight from your tap. Now you can enjoy cleaner, clearer water on demand for drinking (water, coffee, baby formula), cooking and cleaning. We can help you choose the right drinking water system to address your water quality concerns.


3M Water accessories include designer faucets and replacement media for your 3M Water needs. Our designer faucets offer contemporary design in a variety of finishes for use with 3M drinking water systems requiring dedicated faucets. Replacement media is available to keep your 3M water treatment systems working in top performance. Available through your 3M Authorized Water dealer for ongoing warranty protection. Have questions? Just click the "click to chat" icon above to chat with a member of the 3M customer care team.

Replacement 3M Water Filters

3M replacement water filters are available for your previously purchased drinking water filtration solution or whole house water filtration system. Each water filter identifies the corresponding 3M drinking water system to which it belongs, and most are simple to replace. 3M water filters are available through your 3M Authorized Water dealer or through the 3M on-line purchase site. Convenient and easy, using a 3M dealer to service your 3M equipment will help maintain the 3M equipment warranty and provide sanitization options if needed. Have questions? Just click the "click to chat" icon above to chat with a member of the 3M customer care team.

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Concerns and Benefits

Concerns and Benefits

Noticing some of the problems below, but you don't know where they are coming from? Read on for some explanations, causes and advice on what you can do to resolve them.

Hard Water
Hard Water

Hard water occurs naturally when water flowing in rivers, streams and even through underground channels, comes in contact with the rock in the Earth's crust. Hardness concentrations vary throughout the country, and are one of the major causes of white scaling and water spotting on glassware. Though not typically visible, hard water can also cause damage to appliances, clothing and even the pipes in the walls of your home. Reducing hardness in your water will help keep your hotwaterappliances running at high efficiency. 3M brand water softener systems are an effective way to reduce the presence of hardness in your household water.
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White Scale
White Scale

White scale is a very visible symptom of hard water. The higher the concentration of hardness chemicals in your water, the more white scale you will notice on the ends of faucets and other fixtures. This scale is not easily cleaned with water and requires more aggressive cleaning chemicals to clean off your fixtures. Scale will also develop in appliances, pipes and in your water heater, possibly decreasing the life of these costly appliances and plumbing fixtures.
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Poor-Tasting Water
Poor-Tasting Water

Musty, fishy, off tastes or poor-tasting water can take many forms and have many causes. Fortunately, most contaminantscausing off-tastes can be successfully reduced by installing any of the 3MTM drinking water systems under the kitchen and/or bathroom sinks. You can even reduce the presence of these contaminants by using the 3M Advanced Whole House Filtration System for City Water at the entry to the home, improving the taste of all of your water.
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Chlorine Taste and Odor

Chlorine Taste and Odor

Chlorine tasteand odoris caused by compounds containing chlorine added to municipal water supplies. These compounds are very important and help ensure the water supplied by utilities is free of potentially harmful bacteria. These compounds, though, can cause odorsand tastes that many people find objectionable. All of the 3M Clean Water Solutions drinking water systems are tested and certified to effectively reduce chlorine taste and odors.
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Questions to ask when choosing a water filtration company

Questions to ask when choosing a water filtration company

1. Does the company have sufficient experience in the water filtration business?
3M Purification Inc. (3M PI) is a leader in filtration and separation with over 40 years of residential filtration experience. 3M PI is a key fluid filtration solutions provider to the many popular fast food chains and donut and coffee restaurants.
2. Are the company's products certified by an independent testing lab?
3M PI has numerous products that are certified by NSF International. NSF sets the standard for third party water filter system testing and their protocols have been accepted as the American National Standards Institute's standard test methods.
3. Will the company be around in 2 or 3 years to sell replacement filters or honor warranty?
3M is a Fortune 500 company that has been in business for over 100 years, with a solid global business spanning over 60 countries.
4. Is the company a member of a nation trade association?
3M PI is registered with the Water Quality Association (WQA).
5. Do the company's systems have industry leading technology?
3M, a leader in innovation, holds thousands of patents, which cover some of the most technologically advanced drinking water systems available to the public.
6. Does the company make information readily available on what water contaminants its systems are certified to address?
Performance Data Sheets, which list all contaminants a water filtration system is certified to address, are available on all product pages.
7. Does the company excel in customer service?
"Whether it's on the phone, in person, or when our certified technicians come to your home, we strive to deliver exemplary service."
8. Is the company environmentally-minded?
  • April 2009: 3M awarded ENERGY STAR® Award for Sustained Excellence in Energy Management for the fifth consecutive year.
  • April 2009: 3M PI manufacturing facility decreased its water usage, conserving more than 5 million gallons per year.
9. Does the company give back to the community?
  • 3M and employees/retirees donated $390,000 to American Red Cross® and CARE for Haiti Earthquake Relief
  • 3M's annual Volunteer Match donates funds to organization where 3M employees or retirees volunteer. The 3M Foundation has donated over $2.3 million in the names of over 11,800 volunteers.

Questions to Ask Your 3M Authorized Water Dealer

Questions to Ask Your 3M Authorized Water Dealer

How do I know if my water needs to be filtered?

Your public water authority does the best it can to provide you with potable water. However, water passing through a series of pipes to reach your home may contain sediment. Therefore, a sediment reduction filter is advisable on the incoming water line. Our whole house filtration systems help protect washers and seals from premature wear, help prevent aerators and valves from plugging, and help keep your water heater from collecting excessive sediment.

Additionally, if you do not care for the taste of your home's tap water, a drinking water filtration system can help make a difference.

If you are concerned about specific contaminants, you can read city water reports under the "Your Water" tab. You can also search the Environmental Protection Agency's Safe Drinking Water Information System Database at

Keep in mind, contaminant levels may vary depending on the season or the weather.1 Additionally, in the case of lead, the contaminant may not be accurately represented in water quality reports, as it may originate in a home piping system.2

How do I know if my water needs to be filtered?
What substances can be reduced by 3M water filtration products?
What substances can be reduced by 3M water filtration products?

Our products vary in respect to ratings for contaminant reduction; among our line of offerings are products that reduce chlorine taste and odor, trihalomethane (TTHM), lead, sediment, cysts, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium (hex), chromium (tri), copper, fluoride, radium, selenium, turbidity, total dissolved solids (TDS), mercury, asbestos, chloramine, MTBE, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

I'm interested in a whole house filtration system, how do I know what size system to choose?

For a home with 1-2 bathrooms, the 3M™ Whole House Filtration System for Well or City Water is appropriate. A home that has 3-4 bathrooms will probably require a larger capacity sediment filter such as the 3M™ Advanced Whole House System for either Well or City Water.

How does the capacity of a 3M drinking water system compare to other alternative products such as bottled water, pitcher filtration systems and end of faucet filtration systems?

Drop for drop, a 3M drinking water system is the smarter choice. Each product's capacity varies, but the 3M™ Full Flow Drinking Water System has a capacity equivalent to 45,443 16.9oz bottles of water, 150 pitcher filters, and 60 faucet filters.3

I'm interested in a whole house filtration system, how do I know what size system to choose?

1 Environmental Protection Agency pamphlet: Water Health Series- Filtration Facts. Available at:


3 The 3M™ Full Flow Drinking Water System (3MDW201) has a rated capacity of 6,000 gallons. Calculations use 16.9 oz (0.5 liter) bottles, a pitcher filter capacity of 40 gallons and end-of-faucet filter capacity of 100 gallons. The 3M Full Flow Drinking Water System (3MDW201) filters all cold water flowing to the faucet where the system is installed, which includes water that may not necessarily be used for drinking.



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