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Refineries, gas processing, and production facilities around the world depend on 3M Purification advanced filtration technologies for efficient contaminant reduction and superior equipment protection. 3M Purification products significantly lower production costs while helping to provide the highest quality, contaminant-reduced final product. From well head to final product blending, 3M Purification leads the way in oil and gas filtration solutions.

Featured Articles for the Oil & Gas Industry

New High Flow Filter Cartridges

New High Flow Filter Cartridges

3M Purification recently launched new versions of the High Flow and 740 Series filter cartridges for use in process fluid applications containing organic and/or biological contaminants. These new products utilize a 3M polypropylene microfiber media designed to prevent premature blinding of the filter's outer surface, promoting fuller utilization of the media and resulting in an optimum combination of particle removal efficiency and contaminant holding capability. These products are ideal for use in process water systems (cooling water, membrane system protection...).

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Amine System Filtration

Amine System Filtration

Refineries and Natural Gas processing facilities require proper removal of suspended solid contaminants from the recirculating amine streams. Improper solids removal can lead to excessive contactor tower plugging and heat exchanger, reboiler, and carbon bed fouling, resulting in increased operating and maintenance costs. 3M Purification offers a range of proven filter cartridge and bag product solutions for use in this application. For new installations, the use of the 3M High Flow filter system is recommended.

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Injection Water Filtration

Injection Water Filtration

Proper injection water quality is critical to prevent well formation plugging which can lead to reduced oil production and increased well workover requirements. 3M Purification offers a range of proven filter solutions for maintaining proper injection water quality. For new installations, the use of the 3M High Flow filter system is recommended. One 3M High Flow filter cartridge can handle up to 500 gpm, resulting in fewer required filters compared to traditional 2.5” diameter cartridges. The 3M High Flow system also enables a reduction in the size of the housing required, resulting in a lower capital investment cost and a compact footprint.

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3M Purification amine gas sweetening systems filter media selection tech paper.

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