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3M Purification Inc. is a leader in advanced depth filter systems and membrane-based separations, offering a wide range of products for all stages of pharmaceutical processing and sterile filtration from laboratory to pilot-scale to manufacturing-scale operations.

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Zeta Plus™ Activated Carbon Filter Media

Zeta Plus™ Activated Carbon Filter Media

Activated carbon is used to remove impurities from pharmaceutical manufacturing. These impurities are typically derived from chemical reactions that produce by-products which must be removed to maintain drug purity and produce high-quality intermediate compounds.

Activated carbon use in powdered form presents three primary areas of concern to the manufacturer, namely;

  • Operator exposure to carbon dust
  • The quality and reproducibility of the process
  • The operating costs associated with the use and handling of bulk activated carbon.

Zeta Plus™ Activated Carbon media incorporates the latest in depth filtration technology to remove contaminants from pharmaceutical process streams.

Sterilizing Grade Filtration (Liquid & Gas)

Sterilizing Grade Filtration (Liquid & Gas)

Sterilizing grade filtration requires robust filters designed for performance certification to standards established by regulatory agencies, including absolute retention of certain microorganisms and certification of filter integrity by the manufacturer. 3M Purification supplies a variety of filter options for use in sterilizing grade filtration applications.

The applications for these products include:

  • Nitrogen filtration and tank venting (LifeASSURE™ PFS)
  • High Purity DI water and WFI systems (Betafine™)
  • Parenterals (SVP, LVP)(LifeASSURE™ PDA)
  • Opthalmics Biologicals (LifeASSURE™ PDA)

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