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Whether protecting capital equipment or producing a quality beverage, clear ice, or spot free dishware, clean, clear, consistent water is a critical element to food service operations. 3M is committed to helping food service establishments lower equipment operational costs while delivering the best water quality for these applications. We call it Recipe Quality Water™.

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Chloramines: Why take them out of the water?

Chloramines: Why take them out of the water?

Chloramines have been employed by water utilities for nearly 90 years. In the U.S., chloramines are used in nearly 30% of all water utilities. Their use is expected to increase due to the implementation of the EPA's stricter Stage 2 Disinfection and Disinfection By-Products (D/DBP2) Standards by July, 2014.

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What are Chloramines?

What are Chloramines?

The EPA has determined that chloramines are a practical and effective disinfectant.

Chloramines are an inorganic compound created by adding small amounts of ammonia to chlorine. The resulting compound is chemically more stable than chlorine, which means it dissipates far less quickly and thus ensures better disinfection, particularly as water sits or travels through long runs of municipal water pipes from treatment plants to consumers.

A major disadvantage of chloramines is taste and odor. This problem affects both hot and cold beverages: coffee and espresso may taste sour; carbonated drinks, especially diet beverages, may become bitter and flat. Consumers notice the difference, and it can affect repeat business and healthier profits.

Additionally, new dispensing technologies are changing the industry. From super-concentrated syrups to computerized dispensing, they are revolutionizing traditional fountain offerings. With their increasing sophistication and complexity, however, they are raising the bar on the need for post-mix dispensing filtration options that satisfy the need to eliminate chloramines.

Typical water treatment technologies are ineffective for reducing chloramines. And while simple carbon filters reduce chlorine, standard water filtration systems do not reduce chloramines. 3M, however, offers a variety of filtration systems that do.

Chloramines Products

Better Water Means Better Business with the ScaleGard™ HP Reverse Osmosis System

Better Water Means Better Business with the ScaleGard™ HP Reverse Osmosis System

3M Purification Inc. is proud to present the newest innovation in water filtration technology, the 3M Water Filtration Products ScaleGard HP reverse osmosis system.

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The ScaleGard™ HP incorporates a unique modular design that allows the system to grow with business needs. Simply add RO expansion heads to double or triple the RO water production.

The system also incorporates a "smart" diagnostic monitoring system that alerts the operator if the ScaleGard™ HP system requires maintenance. This feature also allows the operator to monitor system performance.

The new ScaleGard™ HP reverse osmosis system produces 750 to 938 gallons of Recipe Quality Water™ per day for a better tasting cup of coffee, espresso or cold beverage. Equipped with a precision blending valve, this wall-mountable system allows a store owner to dial in the desired level of dissolved-minerals for the perfect cup of coffee, espresso or cold beverage.

At the very heart of the ScaleGard™ HP system is its revolutionary Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology ("I.M.P.A.C.T.") media which is great for reduction of bacteria, cysts, and particulates. The "I.M.P.A.C.T." media also includes chloramines and chlorine protection to help reduce equipment corrosion.

The ScaleGard™ HP also includes an industry proven heavy duty booster pump that allows it to work as specified regardless of incoming water pressure. The robust pump design significantly reduces pump maintenance costs and downtime as compared to standard diaphragm pump models.

Your Business is Your Most Important Asset

Your Business is Your Most Important Asset

Help increase your top line while protecting your equipment with Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology ("I.M.P.A.C.T.").

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3M Water Filtration Products High Flow Series systems with Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology ("I.M.P.A.C.T.") media can meet the filtration needs of an entire foodservice establishment or address specific applications one at a time. A one-cartridge High Flow system delivers Recipe Quality Water™ at a flow rate of up to 5 gallons per minute (18.9 lpm) and accomplishes what was previously the job of a three- or four-cartridge system. No activation steps are required, and, for most water, no pre-filter is needed. Whether your foodservice application is cold beverages, ice machines, coffee, tea, espresso, or any combination, a 3M Water Filtration Products High Flow Series system is the one you should count on for unprecedented cyst and bacteria reduction, sediment holding, chlorine taste and odor reduction, and scale inhibition.

3M™ Water Filtration Products High Flow Series of commercial foodservice products offers simple, effective and easy-to-install solutions that meet the volume, water clarity and maintenance expectations of restaurant owners, chain, fast food and convenience store operators, supermarkets, cafeterias, and institutions.

For cold, hot, and specialty beverages, ice, or any combination of applications, 3M Water Filtration Products has an option for you including cyst and bacteria-reduction and filters especially constructed for higher turbidity waters. 3M Water Filtration Products can help you lower capital and operating costs for your foodservice operation.

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