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The best paint job is the original paint job. The result is a deep finish providing greater distinction of image, consistency of color and maximum protection. 3M filters deliver consistent performance, high quality and maximum service life, time after time.

Featured Articles for the Automotive Assembly Process

3M™ DF Series Filtration System

3M™ DF Series Filtration System

The 3M™ DF Series Filtration System improves performance of pre-treatment and electrodeposition stages of an automotive assembly plant.

When compared to conventional filter bags, 3M DF Series filter elements offer up to four times more service life, superior conmtaminant reduction efficiency, enhanced flow, and reduced costs associated with frequent filter change-out. The 3M DF series filter elements will easily retrofit most existing bag filter housings.

DF Series Tech Brief (PDF, 1.1M)

Phosphate Pre-treatment and Electrodeposition Paint

Phosphate Pre-treatment and Electrodeposition Paint

It is commonly known in the automotive industry that many surface defects lie in poorly cleaned car bodies prior to applying an electrodeposition coating. 3M understands the demanding and complex nature of cleaning, and painting car bodies. 3M Purification has decades of experience supplying relable, cost effective filtration systems.

Paint Mix
The best paint job is the original paint job. 3M specialized classifying cartridge filters remove the unwanted fibers, gels, and oversized particles while allowing the color pigments and metallic flake to pass through.

Auto Assembly Brochure (PDF, 4.5M)

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