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Facility Air Filtration for Soft Drink Applications

HVAC Minipleat Installing, low res photo
HVAC Minipleat Installing, low res photo
Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filters from 3M have a low pressure drop and present an excellent choice as replacement filters for your heating and air conditioning system, helping to provide cleaner indoor air quality (IAQ)
The Filtrete Commercial HVAC Filter product line from 3M includes V-Bank filters and 2 inch Mini-Pleat filters. The V-Bank filters are available in MERV A15 / MERV 16* (Yellow color), MERV A14 / MERV 15* (Black color) and MERV A13 / MERV 14* (Red color) performance ratings. The 2" Mini-Pleat filters with gasket are available in MERV A8 / MERV 11* (Green color), MERV A11 / MERV 12* (Orange color), MERV A12 / MERV 14* (Blue color) and MERV A13 / MERV 14* (Red color) performance ratings. The Filtrete brand promises innovative air filtering solutions for a cleaner, better indoor environment for residential and commercial applications
  • Potential reduction in electrical energy consumption due to the low pressure drop of the Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC filter
  • Simple upgrade of in-place filters without additional capital expenditure
  • Tough filter construction. Low chance of filter damage during handling and installation due to the high degree, integrally supported pleats, impact resistant synthetic frame materials and fully encapsulated pleat-frame bond.
  • System filtration efficiency determined by the filter. The innovative filter frame with integrated gaskets minimizes bypass around and between filters common in damaged or misaligned air handling racks.
  • Reduced labor hours due to simple, hassle-free installation, supported by the innovative slip-rib frame design and excellent filter life
  • Less storage space compared to many competitors' filters of same efficiency resulting from the high performance 2" mini-pleat filter format
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