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Endotoxin Removal for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Charge adsortpion drawing
Charge adsortpion drawing
Endotoxins are contaminants found in proteins or biological substances which can cause side effects such as shock and tissue injury. Due to these reactions, it is essential to remove endotoxins from biological and pharmaceutical products.
  • Zeta Plus™ ZB series filter media and Zeta Plus™ EXT Series with ZB filter media are optimized for the reduction of negatively charged contaminants like cellular debris, endotoxins and contaminating nucleic acids (DNA, RNA).
  • LifeASSURE™ SP series membrane is charge modified to provide enhanced reduction of negatively charged biological contaminants such as endotoxin, virus, and nucleic acid fragments.
  • LifeASSURE™ SP sterilizing grade filters and capsules are a group of positively charge modified nylon 6,6 filters that are validated for absolute bacteria retention and provide reliable sterile filtration performance.
  • Each 3M Purification cartridge and capsule filter is supplied with a Certificate of Quality, a Validation Guide or a Regulatory Support File for ease of compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • LifeASSURE™ SP series sterilizing grade filters are 100% integrity tested during manufacture to ensure that they are integral.
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