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Chromatography/Column Protection for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Chromatography Column, low res photo
Chromatography Column, low res photo
During protein purification, lipid contamination can cause processing problems such as column fouling and plugging. Prior reduction of lipids via depth filtration promotes column and membrane performance and extends their useful life.
  • Zeta Plus DEL series filters incorporate added silica adsorbents, which are the active components for lipid reduction.
  • Reduction of surfactants, detergents, and anti-foaming agents from biological or bioprocessing applications.
  • Zeta Plus™ DEL series filter products are highly scaleable and can be used for applications ranging from small laboratory volumes to production-scale cGMP manufacturing operations.
  • Each 3M Purification cartridge and capsule filter is supplied with a Certificate of Quality, a Validation Guide or a Regulatory Support File for ease of compliance with regulatory requirements.
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