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Amine Sweetening

3M(TM) Mini Cartridge
3M(TM) Mini Cartridge
Refineries and Natural Gas processing facilities require proper removal of solid contaminants from the recirculating amine streams. Improper solids removal can lead to excessive contactor tower plugging , heat exchanger, reboiler, and carbon bed fouling.
3M Purification offers a range of proven filter cartridge and bag product solutions for use in this application.
  • Improves amine system operational efficiency
  • Reduces fouling of system components (heat exchangers, tower internals)
  • Reduces amine solution foaming tendencies
  • Reduces corrosivity of recirculating amine solution
  • Precise Contaminant Reduction
  • Consistent Effuent Quality
  • Superior On- Stream Service Life
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3M IDMarketplace Formal Name
70020236686Betapure™ PK Series Filter Cartridge, 25 per std. case, PK36M100G2NN
700201822293M™ Betapure™ PK Series Filter Cartridge 70020182229, 25 per case, PK37M200G2RG
70020179506Betapure™ PK Series Filter Cartridge, 25 per std. case, PT40M600G2YD
70020182351Betapure™ PK Series Filter Cartridge, 50 per std. case, PT20M300G2NN
70020242486Betapure™ PK Series Filter Cartridge, 25 per case, PT30M400G2NG
700202858653M™ Betapure™ PT Series Filter Cartridge 70020285865, 50 per case, PT20M200G2NG
700202688123M™ Betapure™ PT Series Filter Cartridge 70020268812, 50 per case, PT20M100G2NG
70020242478Betapure™ PK Series Filter Cartridge, 25 per case, PT29M400G2NN
8 Results (Displaying results 1-8)



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