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Yokemate LWS® ECG Cable With Safety DIN Connector, D5C68

3M ID  26101770423    UPC#  00849593011747    CAT#  D5C68     
ECG Cables, 5-Lead, Safety Din, Detachable, D5C68
ECG Cables, 5-Lead, Safety Din, Detachable, D5C68
The Yokemate LWS® ECG (also known as patient or trunk) Cable has a monitor specific connection on one end which connects to the ECG port on the patient monitor. The other end, the yoke, connects to a set of reusable or disposable leadwires


  • Designed to connect to various models of the following monitor brands: Airshields, ATL, BCI (Biochem International), Burdick (Spacelabs), Colin Medical Instruments, CSI (Criticare Systems International), GE Medical Systems, Invivo Research, Medtronic, Mindray, Narco, Nellcor, Nihon Kohden, Pace Tech, Philips Medical Systems, Spacelabs Medical, Welch Allyn, Zoll Medical, Medical Data Electronics
  • Available for disposable or reusable ECG leadwires
  • Complement to the Yokemate LWS® System of leadwires and adapters that helps standardize almost all monitoring systems
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 Lead Quantity‎‎ 3
 Length‎‎ 10 Linear Foot
 Monitor Brand‎‎ Airshields HRRM-71-1,‎ Airshields HRRM-71-2,‎ Airshields Porta-Fib I,‎ Airshields Porta-Fib II,‎ Airshields Porta-Fib III,‎ Airshields System 5,‎ Airshields System 6,‎ ATL Ultrasound 800,‎ ATL Ultrasound 800 Plus,‎ ATL Ultrasound Apogee,‎ ATL Ultrasound Mark IV,‎ ATL Ultrasound Mark VII,‎ ATL Ultrasound Ultramark 4,‎ ATL Ultrasound Ultramark 4 Plus,‎ ATL Ultrasound Ultramark 5,‎ ATL Ultrasound Ultramark 7,‎ ATL Ultrasound Ultramark 9,‎ BCI (Biochem International) 3101,‎ BCI (Biochem International) 3404,‎ BCI (Biochem International) 6100,‎ BCI (Biochem International) 6200,‎ BCI (Biochem International) 9100,‎ BCI (Biochem International) 9200,‎ BCI (Biochem International) Advisor,‎ BCI (Biochem International) Autocorr,‎ Burdick (Spacelabs) Medic 3,‎ Burdick (Spacelabs) Medic 4,‎ Burdick (Spacelabs) Medic 5,‎ Colin Medical Instruments BP308,‎ Colin Medical Instruments BP408,‎ Colin Medical Instruments CBM3000,‎ CSI (Criticare Systems International) 504US,‎ CSI (Criticare Systems International) 602-4USP,‎ CSI (Criticare Systems International) Poet II,‎ CSI (Criticare Systems International) Scholar,‎ GE Medical Systems Corometrics 556,‎ GE Medical Systems Critikon 8100T,‎ GE Medical Systems Critikon Dinamap 8700 Series,‎ GE Medical Systems Critikon Dinamap 9700 Series,‎ Invivo Research / M.D.E. 3500,‎ Invivo Research / M.D.E. 3550,‎ Invivo Research / M.D.E. Millennia,‎ Medical Data Electronics (MDE) Escort 100,‎ Medical Data Electronics (MDE) Escort 101,‎ Medical Data Electronics (MDE) Escort 102,‎ Medical Data Electronics (MDE) Escort 200,‎ Medical Data Electronics (MDE) Escort 300,‎ Medical Data Electronics (MDE) Escort Prism,‎ Medtronic / Physio Control Lifepak 6,‎ Medtronic / Physio Control VSM-1ESF,‎ Mindray P-8000,‎ Mindray P-8000 Express,‎ Narco (Vickers) HRRM-71-1,‎ Narco (Vickers) HRRM-71-2,‎ Narco (Vickers) Porta-Fib I, II, III,‎ Narco (Vickers) System 5,‎ Narco (Vickers) System 6,‎ Nellcor N-1000,‎ Nellcor N-200 C-LOCK,‎ Nellcor N-250 C-LOCK,‎ Nellcor NPB-3900,‎ Nellcor NPB-4000,‎ Nihon Kohden BSM-8301A,‎ Nihon Kohden BSM-8302A,‎ Nihon Kohden BSM-8500A,‎ Nihon Kohden OEC-6102A (s/n>20156),‎ Nihon Kohden OEC-6105A (s/n>20226),‎ Nihon Kohden OEC-7102A,‎ Nihon Kohden OEC-8108A,‎ Nihon Kohden TEC-5200A (s/n>20421),‎ Nihon Kohden TEC-7100A,‎ Nihon Kohden TEC-7200A,‎ Nihon Kohden TEC-7300A,‎ Pace Tech MiniMax 4000CL,‎ Pace Tech MiniPack 300,‎ Pace Tech MiniPack 3000,‎ Pace Tech MiniPack 3100,‎ Pace Tech VitalMax 2100,‎ Pace Tech VitalMax 2200,‎ Pace Tech VitalMax 4000,‎ Pace Tech VitalMax 4000 Modular,‎ Pace Tech VitalMax 4000CL,‎ Pace Tech VitalMax 4100,‎ Pace Tech VitalMax 4100CL,‎ Pace Tech VitalMax 800 Plus,‎ Philips Medical Systems IE 33 Ultasound,‎ Philips Medical Systems M3921A (A1),‎ Phillips (AMMI Twin Pin),‎ Phillips - 12 Pin (White),‎ Phillips - 8 Pin (White),‎ Phillips Telemetry M2601A (AAMI Twin Pin),‎ Siemens Drager,‎ Siemens Drager (Multi-Parameter),‎ Siemens Electromedical Sirecust 300DU,‎ Spacelabs Medical 400 Series,‎ Spacelabs Medical 500 Series,‎ Spacelabs Medical 600 Series,‎ Spacelabs Medical 900 Series,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90300,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90303B,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90305,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90308,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90308-11,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90408,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90425,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90428,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90431,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90432,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90470,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90600A Series,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90700,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90700 Series,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90701,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90721,‎ Spacelabs Medical 90724,‎ Spacelabs Medical PC Bedside,‎ Spacelabs Medical PCMS System,‎ Spacelabs Medical TEK-208,‎ Spacelabs Medical TEK-408,‎ Spacelabs Medical TEK-413,‎ Spacelabs Medical TEK-414,‎ Spacelabs Medical TEK-511,‎ Spacelabs Medical TEK-512,‎ Spacelabs Medical TEK-514,‎ Spacelabs Medical TEK-5214045 Defib,‎ Welch Allyn Atlas,‎ Welch Allyn Encore 202EL,‎ Welch Allyn Encore 204EL,‎ Welch Allyn Encore 206EL,‎ Welch Allyn Propaq 102EL,‎ Welch Allyn Propaq 104EL,‎ Welch Allyn Propaq 106EL,‎ Welch Allyn Propaq 202EL,‎ Welch Allyn Propaq 204EL,‎ Welch Allyn Propaq 206EL,‎ Welch Allyn Propaq CS,‎ Welch Allyn Protocol,‎ Welch Allyn UltraSmart,‎ Zoll Medical D900,‎ Zoll Medical M Series,‎ Zoll Medical PD1200,‎ Zoll Medical PD1400
 Product Type‎‎ Cable
 Radiolucency‎‎ Radiopaque
 Shielding‎‎ Shielded
 Trademark‎‎ 3M
 Yoke Connection‎‎ Safety DIN