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Personal Rescue Device

Latchways Personal Rescue Device™ PRD with 3M™ Elevation™ Harness

Look Down and Pull: See for yourself!


The 3M Elavation harness and Latchways PRD provides a simple and safe solution for personal rescue. Imagine a rescue plan for every worker at height that is as simple as: Look down and pull.

PRD User Instructions

Look Down
  1. Check the ground below to ensure descent path is clear and a safe landing is possible.
Open Flap
  1. Open the flap on the right shoulder strap to access the release cord.
Pull Cord
  1. Pull sharply on the release cord.
Bend Knees
  1. Prepare for landing by bending knees.

Redefine Rescue with 3M and Latchways, Personal Rescue Device (PRD)

The PRD was designed by Latchways to redefine rescue plans and allow self-rescue by any worker at height. Traditional rescue plans are often complicated, dangerous or costly – bringing a standby rescue team or in-house rescue team up to the victim and to a potentially precarious situation.


3M Fall Protection System: Look Down and Pull

Imagine a rescue plan for every worker at height that is as simple as, "Look down and pull". Combined with the 3M Elavation harness, the Latchways PRD allows self rescue and brings the victim down to safety.


Lightweight, Reliable, Integrated Fall Protection System

The PRD solution works seamlessly with the 3M Elavation harness, fitting neatly inside a "backpack" ensuring workers are protected, not inhibited by their fall protection equipment. This lightweight and reliable solution is proven to withstand the rigors of the harshest working environments.


PRD Advantages

  • Self rescue: Bring the victim down, not the rescuer up
  • Incredibly simple rescue plan: Look down and pull
  • Rescue from 65' completed in 27 seconds
  • Simple and straightforward inspection procedure
  • Integrated with personal fall protection systems
  • Only used in the event of an incident


Need Help?

If you have questions or want more information, please contact us.

Where to buy 3M PPE Safety Products. Pricing is available from your local 3M authorized safety distributor.

Download Personal Rescue Device Information