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3M™ Combat Arms™ Earplugs

370-1031 Combat Arms Earplugs
370-1031 Combat Arms Earplugs
3M™ Combat Arms™ Earplugs allow wearers to hear low-level sounds and provides instant protection from high level noises like weapons fire and explosions and for protection against constant noise (aircraft, armored vehicles, etc.) without hear-through.
  • Original patented dual-protection design
  • Designed to allow wearer to hear low-level sounds when the yellow side of the earplug is inserted
  • High-impulse noise attenuated quickly
  • Premolded triple-flange-design fits most earcanals
  • Comfortable and reusable
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3M IDMarketplace Formal NameColorHearing Protection StyleMaterialNoise Reduction RatingPackaging
70071530318700715303183M™ Skull Screws™ Combat Arms™ Corded Earplugs 370-1017, Hearing Conservation, 2000 pr/csYellowPush-to-FitPolyurethane30 DecibelVending Pack
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70071561529700715615293M™ Combat Arms™ Single Tip Corded Earplugs 370-1031, Hearing Conservation, MEDIUM-REGULAR, 50 pr/csTanPre-molded/reusableElastomeric Polymer24 DecibelPillow Pack
Where to Buy
70071561537700715615373M™ Combat Arms™ Single Tip Corded Earplugs 370-1032, Hearing Conservation, LARGE, 50 pr/csBrown/TanPre-molded/reusableElastomeric Polymer25 DecibelPillow Pack
Where to Buy
70071561511700715615113M™ Combat Arms™ Single Tip Corded Earplugs 370-1030, Hearing Conservation, SMALL, 50 pr/csDark Green/TanPre-molded/reusableElastomeric Polymer23 DecibelPillow Pack
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4 Results (Displaying results 1-4)



 Brand‎‎ 3M,‎ 3M™
 Category‎‎ Hearing Protection
 Category‎‎ Push-To-Fit Earplugs,‎ Pre-Molded Earplugs
 Color‎‎ Tan,‎ Yellow,‎ Brown/Tan,‎ Dark Green/Tan
 Cord Type‎‎ Vinyl
 Hearing Protection Style‎‎ Pre-molded/reusable,‎ Push-to-Fit
 Material‎‎ Polyurethane,‎ Elastomeric Polymer
 Noise Reduction Rating‎‎ 25 Decibel,‎ 23 Decibel,‎ 24 Decibel,‎ 30 Decibel
 Packaging‎‎ Vending Pack,‎ Pillow Pack
 Product Type‎‎ Earplugs
 Shape‎‎ Multi-Flange,‎ Push-to-fit foam
 Size‎‎ Regular,‎ Large,‎ One Size Fits Most,‎ Small


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