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Inhibited or Slow Setting

Visual Appearance: Impression not completely set. Shiny, no detail of site.

Result: Inadequate surface detail on stone cast, poor fitting restorations.

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Inhibited Setting


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Surface Inhibition



For Vinyl Polysiloxane Materials
Sulfur inhibition due to contact of latex gloves with tissue/tooth/retraction material or impression material.

  • Wear gloves proven not to contain traces of sulfur.
  • If contamination is suspected, scrub affected area with diluted hydrogen peroxide.

Residues from custom temporary or provisional cements (acrylics) present.

  • Do not use impressions already used to fabricate the temporary restoration.
  • Fabricate the temporary crown or bridge after final impression has been made.
  • Remove air-inhibited layer on the exposed surface with an alcohol wipe before making final impression.

For Polyether Materials
Substances with pH < 4 inhibit setting reaction, most commonly by the contact with acidic retraction materials and hemostatic agents containing epinephrine or ferric sulfates.

  • Use retraction materials having pH≥4.
  • Select retraction materials and hemostatic agents not containing these chemicals.
  • Rinse, remove, dilute hemostatic solution with water spray and suction. Dry before taking the impression.
For VPS and PE Materials
Expired impression material does not set properly, elastomeric properties are insufficient.
  • Check expiration date of impression material.

Inadequate Mix

  • Bleed before applying mix tip to ensure even dispensing.
  • Use mix tip according to manufacturer's instruction for use.
  • Ensure mix tip is correctly attached.
  • When using hand-mix materials ensure correct mixing ratio and thorough mix of catalyst and base paste.
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Inadequate Mix



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