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Solutions for Great Dental Impressions

Great impressions start with materials that help you get it right the first time. The balanced performance of our dental impression materials helps reduce the chance of costly remakes, retakes and adjustments.

Paradigm™ Penta™ VPS Impression Materials

Paradigm™ Penta™ VPS Impression Materials

Designed to capture detail and margins for consistent and accurate impressions.

 Imprint™ 4 VPS Dental Impression Material

Imprint™ 4 VPS Impression Material

Now, make dental impressions with unprecedented speed, control and precision.

 Pentamix™ Lite Automatic Mixing Unit for mixing dental impression materials

Pentamix™ Lite Automatic Mixing Unit

Bring the precision of automixing to your practice with 3M ESPE’s affordable and portable dental impression material mixer.

The extra-fine tip makes gingival retraction easier.

Retraction Capsule

The extra-fine tip makes gingival retraction easier.

Intra-oral syringe. Single-Use Syringe for Polyether or VPS

3M™ ESPE™ Intra-oral Syringes

Single-use, intra-oral syringe provides precise application for a more accurate final dental restoration.

Impregum™ Soft Polyether Impression MaterialImpregum™ Soft Polyether Impression Material
Captures more detail than any VPS impression material! Plus‚ SOFT polyether is easier to remove.

Imprint™ 3 VPS Impression MaterialImprint™ 3 VPS Impression Material
Make dental impressions that resist distortion for better fitting restorations. Learn why it’s easy to use.

Guidelines of a Good Impression

Making an accurate and detailed impression is the first and most important step in creating superior prosthetic restorations for your patients. A good impression will have the following>>

3M™ ESPE™ Impregum™ Polyether Impression Materials. Photos courtesy of Jorge Perdigao, DMD, and Holmer Meiser, DDS, University of Minnesota

Impression Troubleshooting Guide

Common impressioning problems and how to prevent them

Impression Techniques

Techniques for
Invisalign® Impressions

3M ESPE Impression
Materials for Implants

Expert advice on taking impressions for clear aligners.

Technique brochure (pdf, 848KB)

Excellent detail for accurate implant impressions.

Technique Brochure (pdf‚ 895KB)
Customize standard Directed Flow Impression Trays
for implant impressions
(pdf‚ 300KB).

Impression Tips for Dental Professionals

Solutions to common issues: voids, tight fitting crowns, tray seating, and more.

Impression Tips for Dental Professionals

Designed to help you identify common problems that could occur in impression procedures, Impression Tips highlights an issue, discusses potential causes and offers solutions for improving impression results.


Bite Registration (pdf, 186K)
Double Bite Technique (pdf, 270K)
Surface Inhibition/Wash Slow Setting (pdf, 290K)
Tearing/Rough Surfaces (pdf, 354K)
Tight Fitting Crowns (pdf, 186K)
Tray Seating (pdf, 304K)
Voids (pdf, 436K)

Making Better Impressions - Troubleshooting Guide (pdf, 1.2MB)
Laboratory Handling Guide for Polyether Impressions (pdf, 249K)

Position™ Penta™ Quick VPS Impression MaterialPosition™ Penta™ Quick VPS Impression Material
Simplify preparation and procedure for stress-free preliminary impressions. Make the switch.

Pentamix™ 3 Automatic Mixing UnitPentamix™ 3 Automatic Mixing Unit
Gain more usable working time with the fastest automatic mixing unit on the market.

Directed Flow Impression TrayDirected Flow Impression Tray
This single-use impression tray means no more tray adhesive. No more odor. No more mess. See the simplicity.


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