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Imprint 4 Dental Impression Material from 3M ESPE



Imprint 4 Dental Impression Material brochure Product Brochure (pdf, 640KB)

Imprint 4 Dental Impression Material technical data sheet Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 2.8MB)

Imprint 4 Dental Impression Material competitive conversion chart Conversion Sheet (pdf, 410KB)

Imprint 4 Dental Impression Material portfolio overview Portfolio Overview Brochure (pdf, 254KB)

3M™ ESPE™ Intra-oral Syringe

67% less material waste

Easier to use

More precise placement—can lead to a more accurate impression

3M™ ESPE™ Intra-oral Syringe Product Flyer (pdf, 468KB)


Imprint 4 Preliminary

Imprint 4 Preliminary Product Flyer (pdf, 714KB)


Imprint 4 Bite

Imprint 4 Bite Product Flyer (pdf, 340KB)

Imprint™ 4 VPS Impression Material helps you optimize your impression procedure with innovative chemistry that lets you save time AND get accurate results.


Long working time for you.

Having adequate working time is important for accurate results. Imprint 4 material gives you all the working time you need.

Due to the unique chemistry, the setting time doesn't start until the END of the working time. That means you'll have a sufficient amount of time to load and seat the tray—no stressful race against the clock.

Whether you use a 1-step or 2-step impressioning technique, Imprint 4 material puts you in control of your everyday crown and bridge cases.


Fastest setting time for them

Choosing a fast-setting impression material minimizes the time the impression is in the mouth-this reduces stress for patients, and reduces the possibility of errors.

Imprint 4 VPS Impression Material offers the fastest intra-oral setting time among leading VPS fast-setting impression materials,¹ offering a real time savings. How?

The innovative active self-warming fearure accelerates setting time.

Once in the mouth, the material warms up to body temperature(37°C/98.6°F). This speeds up the setting reaction which results in a short intra-oral setting time. Watch the video

Available in two setting times.

Super Quick Set materials

The ideal solution for 1- or 2-unit cases.

Working time up to 1:15 minutes*
Intra-oral syringing time up to 35 seconds

Regular Set materials

Get even more working time, which is especially valuable for larger cases.

Working time up to 2:00 minutes*
Intra-oral syringing time up to 1:00 minute

*WORKING TIME includes mixing and handling at 23°C/73°F.

SETTING TIME shown is intra-oral setting time which starts when the tray is inserted into the mouth. There is no minimum working time. It is not necessary to add unused working time. Seat the tray in the patient's mouth and then start the timer (1:15 for Super Quick Set material or 2:00 for Regular Set material).

Dentists rate the working and setting times as "just perfect."

In an in-office evaluation, more than 3,000 impressions were made with Imprint 4 material. 300 dentists from four countries—Germany, France, Italy and the U.S.—participated in the evaluation.²

82% rated the working time as "just perfect."
80.3% rated the setting time as "just perfect."


Super hydrophilicity for accurate detail

Imprint 4 material is super-hydrophilic, and displaces moisture right from the start in the unset state. That allows the material to reproduce accurate details even in a moist environment-giving you ultimate precision and confidence. Watch the video

¹ 3M ESPE internal data
² Source: Field evaluation in Europe and the U.S. conducted by 3M ESPE and key Group Research.