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Sinfony™ Indirect Lab Composite

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Sinfony Master Set 49000
Sinfony Master Set 49000
A micro-hybrid, indirect laboratory composite that combines strength, beauty and versatility. Developed for laboratories and designed to build like porcelain, the composite is excellent for inlays/onlays, veneers and full crowns.
  • Excellent esthetics/translucency.
  • Long-term proven wear resistance.
  • Ease of finishing and polishing.
  • Plaque and stain resistance.
  • Proven in tests to be as strong or stronger than other popular brands and to possess inherent advantages in flexibility, impact strength and color stability.
  • Handles like porcelain.
  • Indirect restorations created from Sinfony indirect lab composite offer natural vitality, amber opalescent effect and fluorescence.
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CAT#Item NumberMarketplace Formal NameDigital MaterialsShadesProduct Category
4911070201106740Sinfony™ Dentin-Material D A2 Shade Dispenser Refill, 49110Other Laboratory ProductsA2Digital Materials and Equipment
4910070201106732Sinfony™ Dentin-Material D A1 Shade Dispenser Refill, 49100Other Laboratory ProductsA1Digital Materials and Equipment
4916070201106781Sinfony™ Dentin-Material D B1 Shade Dispenser Refill, 49160Other Laboratory ProductsB1Digital Materials and Equipment
4931070201106906Sinfony™ Enamel-Material E2 Shade Dispenser Refill, 49310Other Laboratory ProductsE2Lab Products
4912070201106757Sinfony™ Dentin-Material D A3 Shade Dispenser Refill, 49120Other Laboratory ProductsA3Digital Materials and Equipment
4985070201107359Sinfony™ Intensive-Opaquer Powder IO 5 Ochre Shade Dispenser Refill, 49850Other Laboratory ProductsIO 5 OchreLab Products
4973070201107268Sinfony™ Opaquer Powder C3 Shade Dispenser Refill, 49730Other Laboratory ProductsC3Lab Products
4987070201107375Sinfony™ Activation Liquid Refill, 49870Other Laboratory ProductsLab Products
4974070201107276Sinfony™ Opaquer Powder C4 Shade Dispenser Refill, 49740Other Laboratory ProductsC4Lab Products
4945070201107037Sinfony™ Magic Intensive I5 Orange Shade Dispenser Refill, 49450Other Laboratory ProductsI5 OrangeLab Products
4976070201107284Sinfony™ Opaquer Powder D2 Shade Dispenser Refill, 49760Other Laboratory ProductsD2Lab Products
4986070201107367Sinfony™ Opaquer Liquid Refill, 49860Other Laboratory ProductsDigital Materials and Equipment
4946070201107045Sinfony™ Magic Intensive I6 Khaki Shade Dispenser Refill, 49460Other Laboratory ProductsI6 KhakiLab Products
4982070201107326Sinfony™ Intensive-Opaquer Powder IO 2 Orange Shade Dispenser Refill, 49820Other Laboratory ProductsIO 2 OrangeLab Products
4977070201107292Sinfony™ Opaquer Powder D3 Shade Dispenser Refill, 49770Other Laboratory ProductsD3Lab Products
71 Results (Displaying results 1-15)


  • Full indirect composite of crowns and bridges.
  • Full crowns.
  • Inlays/onlays.
  • Glass-fiber reinforced crowns and bridges.
  • Direct-bonded bridges.
  • Telescopic and conical crowns.
  • Attachments and implant work.
  • Veneers.
  • Long-term temporary work and its characterization.
  • Customization of dentures and their teeth made of acrylic and ceramics.
  • Extraoral repairs.


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Digital MaterialsOther Laboratory Products
ShadesIO 5 Ochre, I4 Havanna, I7 Vanilla, E1, E2, E5 Polar, C1, DO 1 Yellow Brown, E3, I6 Khaki, C2, E4, C3, A1, C4, A2, A3, A4, DO 2 Brown, I1 Ocean Blue, T2 Yellow, A3.5, T3 Blue, I11 Terracotta, DO 5 Green Grey, IO 4 Purple Grey, E6 Sun, IO 1 Pink, I5 Orange, I3 Chestnut, DO 3 Red Brown, I9 Gingiva, I8 Honey Yellow, D2, IO 3 Brown, I2 Atlantis, B1, D3, B2, D4, B3, B4, IO 2 Orange, DO 4 Light Green, I10 Red, T4 Grey




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