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Dimension™ VPS Impression Material

Dimension Penta H Quick Tray Refill, 36913
Dimension Penta H Quick Tray Refill, 36913
Dimension impression materials offer the features you can count on to produce consistently accurate results.
  • Accurate results for better fitting prosthesis while reducing the need for remakes and adjustments.
  • Automatic mixing and dispensing in the Pentamix™ Mixing Unit provides for a reliable dosing impression material that is homogeneous and void free.
  • Excellent detail reproduction.
  • Does not drip or slump.
  • Hydrophilic.
  • Excellent recovery from deformation.
  • Excellent tear resistance.
  • Stable in disinfectant solutions.
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Products and Purchase Options:

Catalog NumberItem NumberMarketplace Formal NameColorImpression TypeMaterialProduct Type
3671570201124693Dimension™ Penta™ H Tray Refill, 36715GreenFinalVPSMaterial Add to Cart
3691370201124677Dimension™ Penta™ H Quick Tray Refill, 36913Light GreenFinalVPSMaterial Add to Cart
3651570201112789Dimension™ L Syringe Refill, 36515PinkFinalVPSMaterial Add to Cart
3695470201112797Dimension™ L Quick Sryinge Refill, 36954PinkFinalVPSMaterial Add to Cart
3631170201124636Dimension™ Penta™ L Syringe Refill, 36311PinkFinalVPSMaterial Add to Cart
P365170201124701Dimension™ Penta™ L Cartridge P3 - Pink, P3651Accessories Add to Cart
7765170201120782Dimension™ Penta™ L Cartridge P2 - Pink, 77651Accessories Add to Cart
P380170201124644Dimension™ Penta™ H Cartridge P3-Green, P3801Accessories Add to Cart
7766170201120774Dimension™ Penta™ H Quick Tray Cartridge P2 - Light Green, 77661Accessories Add to Cart
P366170201124651Dimension™ Penta™ H Quick Cartridge P3 - Light Green, P3661Accessories Add to Cart
7780170201120766Dimension™ Penta™ H Tray Cartridge P2 - Green, 77801FinalAccessories Add to Cart

Suggested Applications

  • Crown and bridge impressions.
  • Inlay and onlay impressions.
  • Removable denture and partial denture impressions.


AccessoriesPenta™ Accessories
ColorGreen, Pink, Light Green
Delivery SystemPentamix™ Mixing Unit, Garant™ Hand Dispenser
Product TypeAccessories, Material
Setting TimeRegular Set, Quick Set
ViscosityHeavy Body, Light Body