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Trusted Connection to IOS Technologies’ TS150™ In-Office Milling Solution Trusted Connection to IOS Technologies’ TS150™
In-Office Milling Solution

With the 3M™ True Definition Scanner and the Trusted Connection to IOS Technologies’ TS150™ In-Office Milling Solution, you can offer your patients affordable, high quality, same-day digital restorations with unmatched fit, feel and finish.

  • Affordable, same-day dentistry
  • Lower labor and material cost per unit
  • Opportunity for conversion of large direct restorations to higher quality indirect restorations

Access to this Trusted Connection requires a subscription to the Standard Data Plan. Learn more about other Open and Trusted Connections.

Click here if you are a dental lab interested in working with digital impressions.

How Does It Work?

1. Scan and Send Scan the preparation using the 3M™ True Definition Scanner. The large touch screen serves as a virtual digital loupe, enabling you to view, rotate and magnify the 3D model to scrutinize the clinical prep and margins. Then, send the highly accurate scan file to the FastDesign™ CAD Station through the Trusted Connection to the TS150™ In-Office Milling Solution.

2. Import and Design The digital impression is imported into the IOS Technologies’ FastDesign™ CAD Station. The FastDesign software leverages Glidewell Dental’s extensive dental anatomy library to produce a highly accurate crown proposal, making the design process fast and simple. The intuitive interface guides you quickly through the design process from margin marking and design proposal, to sprue placement and final production.

3. In-Office Milling The design is then sent to the TS150™ Mill—an efficient, accurate in-office milling unit. Featuring a powerful air-driven 150,000-RPM spindle, the orbital mill path prevents the burr from crossing over the margin, ensuring excellent marginal integrity for better fitting restorations. This wet grinding mill can produce high-quality single unit restorations with Lava™ Ultimate Restorative or other materials.

4. Seat and Cement You can then seat and cement the restoration, typically within the same appointment. Precise-fitting restorations minimize the need for retakes, remakes and adjustments for a more comfortable and convenient patient experience.

Download TS150® In-Office Milling Solutions information for print or for tablet.

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TS150 and FastDesign are registered trademarks of IOS Technologies, Inc.