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Trusted Connection to the BIOMET 3i™ BellaTek® Encode® Impression System Trusted Connection to the BIOMET 3i™
BellaTek® Encode® Impression System

With the 3M™ True Definition Scanner and the Trusted Connection to the BIOMET 3i BellaTek Encode Impression System, you can offer an all-digital implant solution that's faster, accurate and more comfortable for your patients. And, it can significantly reduce production time and labor costs by skipping steps in the traditional implant procedure.

  • Digital solution from front-to-end with no impression workflow, without the use of impression copings
  • Get implants faster with parallel production of the abutment and the final restoration
  • More comfortable for the patient
  • Use your own lab to create the final restoration

Access to this Trusted Connection requires a subscription to the Advanced Data Plan. Learn more about other Open and Trusted Connections.

Click here if you are a dental lab interested in working with digital impressions.

How Does It Work?

1. Implant Placement Place the BIOMET 3i BellaTek Encode Healing Abutment. The unique codes on the occlusal surface of the BellaTek Encode Healing Abutment relay abutment design and milling information, eliminating the need for an impression coping. This reduces abutment swapping, preserving the peri-abutment mucosal sulcus interface and maintaining the sealing function.

2. Scan and Send Scan the BellaTek Encode Healing Abutment with the 3M™ True Definition Scanner. The large touch screen serves as a virtual digital loupe, enabling you to view, rotate and magnify the 3D model to scrutinize the impression before sending the file to the BellaTek Production Center through the Trusted Connection to the BIOMET 3i BellaTek Encode Impression System.

3. Custom Abutement A BellaTek dental technician designs an anatomic, patient-specific abutment with the appropriate collar height and natural emergence contours, with consideration of the surrounding gingival architecture and dental structures. This digital abutment design eliminates the need to seat the abutment in the mouth and scan a second time. BIOMET 3i then sends the digital design to your lab where they will digitally mark the margin and section the die.

4. Simultaneous Manufactoring The digital process enables simultaneous manufacturing— BIOMET 3i produces and mills the BellaTek Definitive Abutment, while a trusted stereolithography manufacturer creates the SLA model. The completed BellaTek Abutment and model are sent to your dental lab.

5. Design and Finish While the model and abutment are manufactured, your lab digitally designs the crown for the abutment. Once the BellaTek Abutment and SLA model are received, your lab is able to mill or hand finish the final restoration.

6. Seat and Cement The model, abutment and restoration will be delivered directly to you from the lab. You can then seat the digitally precise, patient-specific custom abutment and cement the final restoration. Precision fit restorations minimize the need for retakes, remakes and adjustments for a more comfortable and convenient patient experience.

Download BIOMET 3i™ BellaTek® Encode® Impression System information for or for tablet.

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Find a Certified Margin Marking Lab to mark the margins for your digital files

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