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Light Management

3M microreplication, multilayer film, LED thermal management, and materials technologies enable high quality, efficient lighting solutions for military lighting needs.

Precision Lighting Elements

3M Precision Lighting Elements

Targeted light delivery from LEDs.

Air Guide Fixtures

3M Air Guide Fixtures

Air Guide fixtures are much lighter and more efficient than fluorescent MIL-DTL incumbents.


U.S. Navy Shipboard Illumination

Air Guide Fixtures reduce power draws and ships' weight

Air Guide Fixtures reduce power draws and ships' weight.

On-board energy conservation is critical for reducing costs and environmental impacts. 3M's Air Guide Fixture Technology can reduce light-fixture power draws by 30% or more from fluorescent incumbents. Because Air Guide fixtures generate less heat, they also reduce air conditioning (AC) demands. In addition, the Air Guide Fixture can be 50% or less of the weight of incumbent fixtures. This has the potential to eliminate as much as 30 tons from an Aircraft Carrier, or five (5) tons from a DDG 51 Class Destroyer. Reduced fixture thickness is also possible.

  • Reduce power draw
  • Lower heat loads
  • Alleviate AC demand
  • Save on maintenance labor, up to 98%
  • Eliminate bulbs with mercury (Hg)
  • Reduce on-board consumables inventory
  • Lighten ships' weight

3M is currently developing this technology for Naval shipboard general illumination.

This R&D capability is ready to be applied to fit your lighting needs. We welcome inquires from shipbuilders and Naval personnel.

Achieve Bright, Uniform Lighting with LEDs

Lighting applications built on experience.

3M has proven expertise in optics and lighting materials. The application of 3M technologies to SSL fixtures can result in better performance, including reduced glare (excessive peak luminance), improved optical efficiency, improved LED thermal management, color mixing, design simplification, and reduced weight and volume.

Delivering Light Where You Need It

Thin Flex Lighting Elements
Thin Flex Lighting Elements

3M Thin Flex Lighting (TFL) Modules features high intensity LEDs mounted to thin flat conductor cable for durable, low-profile and flexible lighting solution. The TFL's patented thermal management via the flexible cable ensures extended product life and low radiated heat: The integrated DC power regulation to ensure uniform illumination and appearance for the entire chain length.

  • All-in-one solution inclusive of light source, thermal management, and regulating electronics.
  • Low profile - ideal for use in temporary military shelters or confined spaces.
  • Easily stored - flexible and durable for convenient and cost-effective packaging and transportation
  • Powered from a single power supply
  • ETL-listed, conforms to UL standards, and RoHS compliant
  • IP67 rated for dust and temporary water immersion

3M Precision Lighting Elements

Precision Lighting Elements

Targeted light delivery from LEDs

3M Precision Lighting Elements are flexible, rod shaped light guides that deliver a focused pattern of light perfect for functional lighting. 3M uses a unique extraction pattern to efficiently control the light output angle and intensity over the lighting target. The directional light of the 3M Precision Lighting Element in combination with LEDs allow for precise light delivery from a small package. No lenses or reflectors needed which reduces complexity, weight, and size.

Controlled Light Extraction By Engineered Notch

  • Spacing and Depth
  • Multiple Rows
  • Multiple Angles

Design Options

  • Viewing angle
  • Length
  • Diameter of light guide

Improve Solid State Lighting

Discover how 3Ms innovative lighting solutions can meet a variety of defense needs. From the PX to Navy shipboards, 3M lighting will reduce total ownership costs compared to fluorescents.

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