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Flow Assurance & Flowline Integrity

Flow assurance in progress with an oil rig and tanker vessel

As the search for oil and gas moves farther offshore into deeper and more hostile environments, ensuring a reliable flow of product has become increasingly challenging. High pressures, cold temperatures and corrosive chemicals combine to increase viscosity and deposition, restricting flow – all while placing enormous demands on lines, risers and equipment.

To help you overcome the challenges of subsea and downhole conditions to establish flow assurance, 3M offers a variety of proven technologies designed to help keep your product – and your profits – flowing.

3M™ Technologies for Flow Assurance (PDF 889 Kb)

Buoys with Glass Bubbles

Increasing Buoyancy

3M™ Glass Bubbles are engineered to survive and perform in extreme subsea environments. These density-reducing additives are ideal for incorporation into syntactic foams:

  • Enhanced uplift in distributed buoyancy modules
  • Protect drill risers and strings against ocean pressures and currents
  • Buoyancy blocks for ROVs

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Oil flowline cutaway

Pipeline Insulating

These density-reducing additives answer the need for lighter, stronger thermal insulation to allow operation at greater depths:

  • High strength and low thermal conductivity
  • Formulated into syntactic foam insulation for flowlines and risers
  • Cost-effective alternative to pipe-in-pipe insulation

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Oil umbilical cutaway

Flexible Flowline Manufacturing

Scotch® High Strength Filament Reinforced Tapes are used to contain the wire armoring used in the manufacture of flexible flowlines, risers and umbilicals.

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesion
  • Up to 3x stronger than comparable tapes
  • Prevent “birdcaging” failure, ensure line integrity

Scotch® High Strength Filament Reinforced Tapes (PDF 682.7 K)

Coated flowlines

Flowline Corrosion Protection

Protect the critical connection between wellhead and manifold or production facilities with 3M™ Scotchkote™ Coatings for flowlines:

  • Internal and external corrosion protection
  • Broad range of chemical resistance and service conditions


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